After All…Rosie O’Donnell

Posted: October 19, 2006 in All, Blogroll, CELEBRITY, humour, Life, MY POEMS
Some people love her, some hate her.  But despite how you feel, it is an undeniable fact that she over came great odds to reach her dreams. Not many are able to do that, myself included. She is real, she is funny, always reinventing herself and although slightly annoying at times, I enjoy her because she is creative, open-minded and has a geniune compassion for people of all walks of life.  Like her or not, she is going to make it after all.
After All
A play, I saw
To act, I yearned
but there was no part
for a Rhoda Morgenstern
look alike.
Sad, I felt
Crying was near
but there was not one tear
To tell you otherwise would not be a lie.
Millions of books, I read many
I dreamed to write
I had a story
I knew I could write.
A song, I heard
Oh to sing and dance
if I weren’t such a nerd.
But then, I knew
Just what to do…
To cry has its place
but to make people laugh
now that, I could ace
Then no one would pry
at this ache in my heart.
No matter what I do
I must get in the act
and make a part for myself.
How ’bout Star Search?
I think I could do it
if I could just keep down my lunch.
The Rosie O’Donnell Show
that’s what I’ll do.
Barry Manilow
and Bette Midler too.
Barbra Streisand
and my very own band
I can dance and I can sing
Better than Bing
if you ask me.
There’s no time to stall
Still so many things left unseen
Why, I could even have my own magazine.
And even though it didn’t take
I can try, try, try again
if I want to.
I could even be on the view!
You never know, what the future might hold. 
Mary Richards has got nothing on me,
cause I’m gonna make it after all.
gmg 06

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