Posted: October 19, 2006 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Life, politics, rants

Either I’m insane or misinformed or just don’t get it.  But can someone tell me what sense it makes to say that it should be illegal for a same sex couple to marry because it destroys the sanctity of marriage, when on the other hand, a child predator has the right to marry the adult child she molested?  I just don’t get it.  Either way, both marriages have absolutely nothing to do with anyone else’s marriage.  I was once married, and the jerk of a husband down the street who was beating the hell out of his wife, while bringing prostitutes into the bedroom had nothing to do with my marriage. The point is, there is a huge piece of this puzzle missing.  People are scared because they are misinformed, bigoted and close minded.  Where is the logic.  It’s along the lines, to me anyway, the leaders of the United States have the “right” to tell others they can’t have weapons of mass  destruction or nuclear bombs.  Well, don’t we have those things?  And wouldn’t we use them if there were probable cause?  Where do we get off having the parental, “do as I say not as I do” mentality? Some of  the same people who are saying no to others are not perfect themselves, and are certainly not respecting their own marriages.  

Everything is not black and white, there are shades of grey

  1. fluidspirit says:

    People are people. I think 70% of people in marriages don’t truly love one another. But let me put another spin on it, don’t know if you’ll resonate with a more … ahem, spiritual approach 🙂 . I think our spiritual aspect has no gender, but our biology defines certain ‘laws’ – just like there are physics laws, chemical laws, gravitational laws. Homosexuality is a deviation. Anyone can turn on those receptors. Even straight girls can get turned onto girls. My roomate once made out with a girl. When I asked her what drove her, she said, just cause. Oh yeah, I’m gonna have sex with a dog, just cause its trendy. Like people! Now, I believe in free choice .. you won’t see me protesting at a gay pride parade, but I’m not gonna sign the bill that approves gay marriage either. Homosexuality contradicts oness on a biological level. Love isn’t tolerating everything. If your kid starts walking on a window ledge, you whoop his ass, cause you love him. Sure gay people can authentically love one another. But I just don’t see a society of girls with girls and guys with guys. The more we tolerate it, the more it spreads. People have to know that they have everything inside of them, they can be good and bad, they can be noble and repulsive monsters. Choosing what’s right is sometimes elusive, but biologically, tell me how much sense a guy having sex with another guy makes sense. Its just turning on the wrong receptors. A guy is standing, a gorgeous woman passes by, and he doesn’t get turned on. Gee, that’s natural.

  2. Manymeez says:

    I hear what you’re saying, and appreciate your candor and non-aggressive stance. I disagree though. To say that the laws of biology are only one sided is a narrow train of thought. You can’t group biology in the same category as physics or gravity. Human beings, in fact all living things are not that simple. That’s why it’s harder to figure living things out, and we haven’t found cures to all that ails us. Maybe you have to be a homosexual to understand that, or maybe you just need to broaden your thinking beyond black and white, and see the shades of grey. If you’re a straight person who can be attracted to someone of the same sex, then yes, you have the ability to choose or turn on and off any desire you may feel. Homosexuality is found in every living thing. Plants, animals, insects, all things living. These non-human living things live according to their own biological laws without fear, without repercussion. You say that if we follow this logic, then someone can say, “Oh, well I’m in love with a dog, so that’s ok”. That is an unfair comparrison as well. A dog is not human. Different species, different genetics, different biology. A dog is not given the same rights as a Human in America. “All men are created equal”. Not all living things are created equal. All things can’t be lumped together, and compared as the same, because things are just not that simple. What’s natural for one is not natural for another. That’s why we’re all different. And in my opinion, that’s what makes this world such a mystery and that’s what makes it great!

  3. fluidspirit says:

    Your blog metamorphosized! It looks nice. Well I could give you every logical argument to counteract what you said, just like you could subsequently give me every logical point to conversely ricochet my stance. So I’m just gonna leave it at that, making a tribute to your great variety of life comment, and how we are all free to think differently, write run on sentences, its all good, its awesome. Personally, when I make my statements on stuff, whatever that may be, the examples might not resonate with everyone, but words are just words, the essence of the msg is different. I’m very defined in certain moral aspects of living a personal truth. That is, going with what one feels inside with the heart, the head can tug us in a thousand different directions – and explain it all logically. For example, if I were living in Natzi Europe, and my country got invaded, I’d rather die for my truth, and be at peace with myself, than lest say, jump over to the Natzi camp, pretending I was one of them, just to survive. I’d be alive, but a living breathing corpese … that would have to probably reincarnate again, ha ha! because I wasn’t true to myself. Anyway.. have a good one. LOL

  4. Keith Boardman says:

    Since marriage is a religious sacrament, the state has no place in controlling it, and more than the state can control communion. The state can only have charge of civil unions.

    Those who have religious objections do not have to recognize gay marriages, just as the Catholic Church does not have to recognize the remarriage of a divorced person (though it does not seem to have much of a problem when the divorced person comes from a wealthy family, such as the Kennedys).

    Anyone who objects to gay marriage does not have to participate in one.

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