Republicans versus Democrats: how to tell’ em apart

Posted: October 28, 2006 in All, Blogroll, Democrats versus Republicans, humour, Life, politics

1. Republican’s usually wear hats.

     Democrats usually don’t.


2.  Democrats buy banned books.

      Republicans form censorship committees and read them.


3.  Democrats eat the fish they catch.

      Republicans hang them on the wall.


4.  Republicans study the finacial pages of the newspaper.

      Democrats put them on the bottom of the bird cage.


5.  On Saturday Republicans head for the golf course, the yacht club or the hunting lodge.

      Democrats get a haircut, wash the car, or go bowling.


6.  Republicans have guest rooms.

      Democrats have spare rooms filled with old baby furniture.


7.   Republicans hire exterminators.

       Democrats step on the bugs.


8.  Republicans sleep in twin beds….some even  in separate rooms.

      That is why there are more Democrats.


source: Adapted from the National Republican Congressional Committee newsletter.




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