A Nightmare

Posted: November 23, 2006 in All, Blogroll, CELEBRITY, Family, Life, poetry

Thanksgiving and the holiday’s in general can be a lovely thing or a nightmare, depending on your place in life.  But after 1 turkey carcass and all  the sides, and 2 bottles of champagne, I come here with nothing, and I’m left with this, thanks to a very talented artist.  Art is subjective.  One person’s treasure can be another person’s trash.  To me, this following piece is a treasure. It describes my feelings then and my feelings now.  The weird part is, the differences have changed. The wonderful thing about poetry and music, and art is that they are open to the indivdual’s interpretation.  For example, to the artist it can mean a broken family, to the admirer it can mean  a broken soul (and even that statement can be open to interpretation.  Your broken family or broken soul may not be the same as the artists or as mine).  Art is what you make of it.  The reason  for me sharing the following is not for you to get to know me better.  I know you could give a shit, but to remind you of all the gifts art has to offer, whether it is your trash or treasure.

turkey day

Posted by ro on November 23rd at 5:56pm in Uncategorized

i saw the queen 2 day
thanksgiving –
my holiday ritual
from way back when

dinner was across the street
borrowed humans
aunt judy – who i saw more often
than any of my own

a family i had
just not the one i wanted
with 2 parents
tablecloths and tupperware

1 where love
ruled all
justice prevailed
hugs were had

dont b afraid
these r only feelings
i miss the dream
what could b

to see what u have
not what is missing
a certain shift
as i wake from hibernation

what makes news and y
when u r the story
step back
from the movie

real life awaits
all brave enough
2 day and always
i am thankful

peace 2 u and urs

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