Posted: January 10, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Democrats versus Republicans, Life, politics, rants, War

Tonight President Bush is to make his Primetime address, where he is expected to announce the deployment of more than 21,000 American troops into the violent stricken areas of Baghdad and the western Anbar Province.  The first of the  troops to leave will be in the next few weeks, serving time for 3 to 4 months. The U.S. goal is that the Iraqi troops will be in complete control by November.  There is much controversy over this decision,  but I think the majority of Americans disagree with this new “surge” into these areas.  It appears to me that Bush has aligned himself only with those who agree with him, and support every decision he makes. Bush has an us and them mentality,  either you’re with “The Decider”, or you are a divider, and there’s no room for debate.

  An association of Muslim scholars are saying that the 140,000 troops already in Iraq have not been able to do the job they were sent to do.  Sending another 20,000 plus troops will not help the situation.  The outcome is likely to be more soldier’s coming home in flag draped coffins, and many, many  more innocent Iraqi’s dying. 

I have so many questions, I don’t even know where to begin.  The main point I want clarified is, when all is said and done, when thousands, possibly by November of this year, tens of thousands of American’s have been lost and/or wounded, how will America have benefited?  How will I have been less likely to have suffered from a terrorist attack? How will my freedoms have been protected?  What can I look at and say, “OOHHH, that was worth all of the sacrifice?”  What will the families of the dead and wounded be told the Nation has gained from their sacrifice? 

I was listening to the Neal Boortz show this morning, and although he can be a real ass, I enjoy listening to him because he really makes me think, and evaluate my own beliefs.  He was saying that if The democrats were still with the republicans throughout this war, the war would be or almost be over. (Thanks for giving us democrats all the power Boortz!)  But what I don’t hear  him or anyone else saying is, if we didn’t go to  war because of WMD, and not because Saddam was that big of a threat, why did we put our young men and women’s lives in danger?  Why do we continue to do so?  Why isn’t anyone talking about more options, other than war?

When all is said and done, the republican’s will have a lot of explaining to do.  As for “The Decider”, when all is said and done, he will, decidedly be the biggest loser of all.

  1. whitishrabbit says:

    What they should really deploy is a nice therapist to the oval office.

  2. Manymeez says:

    Yeah, not a bad idea…I’ll talk to my friend, who’s a therapist.

  3. When this administration went into Iraq based on the lies they told the world, and removed Saddam they destroyed Iraq. Although Iraq was not a great place under Saddam, it was better that it has been for he last 4 years.

    What Bush and the Neo-Cons have done, is given terrorist an open invatation to kill American troops. Now with this New Plan, (not realy a new plan) he is going to “Sacrifice” more American lives, while setting up for an attack on Iran, and, or Syria. So that is why the U.S. is still in the Middle East, not just Iraq.

    Oh by the way, Nice site. I have it Blogrolled on my site.

  4. Manymeez says:

    thanks!! Yeah, I agree with you. I’m not sure what the best solution might be, but I honestly think that the decision to send in more troops will totally and completely destroy what’s left of George W.’s presidency. He does not have a reality based grasp of what’s at stake. He doesn’t understand the concept that it’s just not worth the sacrifice of many to benefit a few. This war WILL NOT do one damn thing to stop or even change terrorism, not for the benefit anyway. There are way too many other places that would be more than willing to take their money and influence to give them cover. Maybe the best solution is to just let Iraq become 2 separate country’s, do things here at home to decrease our dependency on oil, and fight terrorist one cell at a time. There aren’t just suffering people around the world, there are suffering people right here at home, in the USA, damn it! Thanks again for the comment and the kudo’s!

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