Conservatives versus Liberals

Posted: January 27, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Democrats versus Republicans, politics

It’s really interesting to think about what people say, versus what they mean.  The conservatives say if you don’t approve of the war going on now, you do not support our troops.  I just don’t get the logic.  Just because we liberals are not supporting the troops your way doesn’t mean we’re not supporting the troops.  There is more than one definition of support.  The very first definition listed on the encarta online dictionary defines support as to,  “keep something or somebody stable: to keep something or somebody upright or in place, or prevent something or somebody from falling.  The truth is, the people who support the war are supporting “something”, the war.  The people who oppose the war are supporting “somebody”, the troops.  So, I guess what the pro-war people are saying instead of “support our troops” is, “support our war”.  We, the liberals who oppose this war, see this war as something that is illegal, unjust, and will not accomplish what President Bush says it will accomplish.  We do not support this war, as seen by the protester’s in the anti-war rally going on in Washington, DC today.   We do however support our troops, because our aim is to keep “somebody stable…to keep somebody from falling”.  We don’t want to see anymore bloodshed for a war that should have never happened in the first place.  This war is not, I repeat, is not about 9-11, it is not about securing our freedom or keeping us safe from terrorist.   Refer to this website for more info on these facts. 

I am sick and tired of hearing the pro-war conservatives say that the anti-war liberals are freaks, stupid, and in their mind the worst thing one can be, a left wing liberal.  Oh my, God forbid that a liberal is speaking out. Liberal’s are freethinkers.  We question what we are told. We know that just because the President says that’s the way it is, doesn’t make it so.  Generally, a liberal is someone who is broad-minded, who have tolerance of different views and standards of behavior in others.  And generally, a conservative is someone who is reluctant to accept change, who is in favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs, and against abrupt change.  When we look to the past, and look to the furture we will see that the world has and will move forward, with the liberals ahead of the pack.  Change, growth, and peace can only occur when you open your minds to a new way of thinking.  Liberals know that this war will accomplish none of these, because we are smart enough to learn from mistakes of the past.  We know that we are the one’s who support our troops, and we want them home, alive.  I leave you with this question to ponder.  How much violence, murder, hate crimes, poverty, global warming, prejudiced and terrorism would there be in this world, if we were all a little more liberal?  It’s okay conservatives, we know you know  the answer, you can say it.  Peace Out!!!

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