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I’m watching CNN’s Paula Zahn, and they’re starting out their show with Biden saying that Obama is articulate.  They’re discussing about whether or not that was a racist thing to say.  I don’t know that the race card is necessarily the appropriate card to throw on this one.  I grew up poor, no name brands, small house, single parent, abused, low self-esteem.  I encountered “wealthy folks” on many occasions. I was told by 4 or 5 of those “wealthy folks”, in a surprised tone of voice, “Oh, you’re so articulate.”  The way I perceived that, even as a child was, “Oh, you’re a poor person who knows how to speak well, how surprising.”  I’m white, they were white.  Often times, people who come from money, power, or prestige are very surprised when people different than themselves are “well spoken” , or possess any other quality they can relate to.  It’s not necessarily a race thing, it’s a social class thing as well.  Sometimes people are so involved in their own little worlds, with their own “type” of people, they are surprised when they find something so familiar in someone so completely different.  The same thing with poor or blue collar workers.  It is just surprising when they come across a “wealthy” person who has a little redneck in them.  Social Class discrimination is just as real as racial discrimination.  It’s not always about the color of your skin, who you crawl into bed with, man or woman, or what religion you practice or don’t practice.  People can be very naive, close minded, and elitist.  People are people, and unless we take a moment to step outside of ourselves, if only for a moment, we will continue to be surprised by differences we perceive to be so extraordinary. I’ve said it before, I’ll keep on saying it until people get it….Come on people, peace can prevail if we open our minds to a new way of thinking!!!!


We are involved in a war, that according to most cannot be won.  What about to the children of Iraq?  No matter what the outcome, thousands, possibly even 10’s of thousands have already lost.  If we loose these children to hate…this war will send generations of children to fight a war of revenge.  Something has to be done, NOW!  You know children are our future, good or bad…will this generation have blood on its’ hands for generations to come?  We will, if something is not done now.

Remember the children, if nothing else.

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