NEWSFLASH: the VA is dysfunctional

Posted: March 3, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Life, politics, rants, War

It’s hard to wrap my brain around the fact that people are just now starting to acknowledge the problems associated with the Walter Reed hospital and the VA.  The problems have been obvious, even to me since I was old enough to understand war.  I know/knew personally 2 Vietnam war vets who were ignored, and “lost” in the system back in the 70’s.  One, he was a fully functioning man who went to war, and returned so distraught, he was unable to care for himself.  He was as dysfunctional as some of the severely autistic kids I work with.  After years of being denied mental health help, he eventually committed suicide.  Another was lost in the system with mental anguish, and denied mental health help as well.  He ended up in prison, where he still sits today and is unable to care for himself in the outside world. He was only supposed to be in prison for a few years, but he continues to commit crimes to stay in.  He has said he is taken better care of in the prison than out.  That is truly sad, and scary.  I had family members who have since died of natural causes, who served in the Korean and World War II wars whom suffered from all sorts of symptoms.  They had any combination of ptsd, night terrors, flashbacks, depression, and alcoholism.  I remember my grandfather would have periods of dysfunction where my grandmother would spend night after night dealing with his night terrors.  She tried to get help for him, but without much success.  Don’t tell me I don’t understand.  I have never been to war, but I have seen the aftermath.  I understand that our Country is quick to send our people in to fight and die, and scream “you’re unpatriotic if you object”, but neglect our returning hero’s.  Who do you think are the one’s who support our hero’s?  A Country who washes its’ hands of the injured, or a fellow American who fights for the safe return and proper care of our solider’s?

Now it’s just becoming news that the VA/Walter Reed is having problems.  Oh wow, newsflash…we’re a bunch of naive idiots who didn’t have a clue.  Give me a break!!!  Our Country has a long history of putting so much at risk to take care of other’s, but turning its’ back on its’ own people.  It is absolutely insane to me why we let our government get away with so much.  I guess where the big celebrity of the time is vacationing and with who is much more important than the state of our beloved Country.          

  1. unitedcats says:

    One of the great myths in all societies is that of the heroic warrior. The ugly and now well documented truth is that an astounding percentage of combat veterans will have lasting psychological and physiological damage from their experience. Even in the so called “good” wars like WW2, veterans had horrific rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide in the decades following the war. Myths die hard, especially when politicians and the hyper-wealthy profit mightily from war.

    And yes, Bush’s sudden “concern” for the problems at Walter Reed is enough to gag a maggot. God help us all, thanks for trying to get the word out about this insanity. BB and JMO —Doug

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