A response to, “What is Emo?”

Posted: March 5, 2007 in All, Blogroll, children, Controversy, Family, Life, Motivation & Inspiration

I wrote a post yesterday, “what is emo?”  I have received a few comments from young people that were very passionate and heart felt.  I am very grateful to learn that kids have a voice that want to be heard.  I know a lot of kids spend a lot of time pushing adults away, and “pretending” that they don’t need understanding, compassion, and concern from adults.  We all know that no matter how much they act as if they don’t want it, they are starving for it.  I just hope we can all do a little more to make sure that each child feels safe, loved, protected, guided, and wanted.  If all kids felt these things, maybe there would be less suffering.  I know it’s hard for kids to accept, but just because adults come down hard on you, set limits, and set boundries doesn’t mean they don’t care.  These things are necessary for you to grow to be happy, well adjusted adults.  Thanks to all who have responded.  Now, if I can just get the parents to understand.

  1. Too Emo For This Blog says:

    Very well said, I applaud what you have been saying and your brave attempts to try and get all sides to an understanding!

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