Don’t ask, DO tell

Posted: March 15, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Life, politics, War

Let’s pretend just for a moment that we give a damn how Gen. Peter Pace feels about the immoral”ness” of his fellow American’s.  He compared being gay to being an adulterer, saying if you are gay, you are “immoral” and unfit to represent this Country in any way.  Under Clinton’s, don’t ask, don’t tell legislation, in 2006 the numbers were down to 612 service men and women who were discharged for being “immoral.”  Okay, I know this statement is going to bring all the bigoted, religious right, and sexually insecure into a frenzy, but I see a solution to two problems here.  1. We want troops out of Iraq, and 2. the majority of people think homosexuals should be allowed to serve if they so choose.  So, here’s the solution that would fix at least one of the problems.  If everyone who is either already in the military or thinking of joining, and who supports equal human rights”to tell” they are gay, what do you think would be the outcome?  Either there would be a lot of troops coming home, or the don’t ask, don’t tell law would go out the window.  Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but just think about it for a moment.  The amount of people who support equal rights has to be at least 60 to 70 percent of the population.  That would be a lot of troop members.  Anyway, it’s just a thought that entertained my brain last night…thought I’d pass it on.  What do you think?

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