Don’t you just love Fox news?  Their headline about  today’s March to Pentagon in D.C. reads, “Anti-War protester’s met by groups supporting troops.”  To the group that supports the war, they are incapable of seeing anything different. They are incapable of seeing that one does not have to support the war in order to support the troops, because that is their truth.   It’s like what I said yesterday in my post about words.  You can spin them into anything you want, but you can’t make it true.  Not one person, news publication, news source, on this earth holds the complete  truth.  Everybody puts a spin on their interpretation of the truth.  You go to one church and the minister will be preaching one thing, and down the street, at a different church of the same religion, a different minister will be preaching something completely different.  We all seek the truth. But your truth is not my truth, and my truth is not your truth.  If you and I spent the entire day together, doing the exact same thing, our perspective on the day would be completely different.  Therefore, our truth would be different.  I am not saying that we can never find the truth.  I think that in order to find the truth, you must first understand your own truth.  Then, and only then, you need to understand and listen to those that disagree with you.  I’m not saying agree with them, but try to understand their perspective.  Then, somewhere in the middle, you will find truth.  That is how the U.S. government is supposed to work.  That is why we live in a world full of completely different people, customs, religions, races, and truths.  Because the truth is not only in one person or any one group of people, but is found right in the middle of us all. You can find the truth, if you open your minds to a new way of thinking.

  1. SurfaceEarth says:

    “We all seek the truth. But your truth is not my truth, and my truth is not your truth. If you and I spent the entire day together, doing the exact same thing, our perspective on the day would be completely different. Therefore, our truth would be different.”

    My feelings exactly. It can be a long winding road to get to that simple truth that you succinctly posted above. I also have given much thought to how to reconcile supporting the troops as fellow humans, brothers, sisters, etc. vs. not supporting a war.

    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Manymeez says:

    you’re welcome! thanks for reading and posting. The truth is a wonderous thing, if we are ever fortunate enough to find it.

  3. unitedcats says:

    The portrayal of the anti war movement as being unpatriotic and unAmerican has grown far more subtle and corrosive since the days of “America, love it or leave it” in the sixties. And the MS media’s transformation into a mouthpiece for corporate America has made it a much bigger player in this process. There can be 10,000 people on an anti-war march, yet the 100 counter protesters get equal coverage puportedly for “balance.” Strange and dark days for the Republic indeed, hopefully bloggers like you can turn this around. JMO —Doug

  4. SurfaceEarth says:

    Have you read the New York Times Magazine feature today? It focuses on female vets, and takes you away from taking a moral stance on war and instead, focusing on what happens to these young women who served and what happens afterward.

    I am not a proponent of war; yet, I cannot feel that these young woman, girls in so many ways, have not in some way done something that I haven’t to protect our way of life.

    I don’t know the answers, only the questions. With that said, I hate killing of any kind. Period. Yet, I don’t know where we or the world would be without wars. Could we use our energy instead to build an invincible bubble over America? And then, what of the refugees needing to get in?

    It is circular.

    I know that those young woman returning deserve more out of us.

  5. Manymeez says:

    Thanks! I googled the article and read it. A very important story. I’m going to post the link on the blog, in hopes others can see the truth.

  6. SurfaceEarth says:

    Thank you. I felt it was yours to post based on your earlier intuitive posts.

  7. faithlk511 says:

    I got stopped for speeding the other day and the policeman told me that I was going 10 over in a 40mph zone. I told him that I read this brillant blog that informed me that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of us all, so I went on to tell him that ‘perhaps officer the true speed I was going was somewhere in the middle of your perspective, only going 5mph over the speed limit after all, and that doesn’t warrant a ticket does it?’

    He gave me a speeding ticket for going 10 over. That is what the radar said, and in fact how fast I was going- imagine that -52 mph.

    Based on reason, the evidence discussed, and the conviction in my own heart, I had to conclude that it wasn’t his perspective over mine. It was truth over falsehood.

    I’m sorry you feel the way you do mannymez. We are truly living in a confused culture…and your post is evidence for the truth of that very statement.

  8. faithlk511 says:

    the truth is I don’t know how to add. 🙂 My comment should have read…”imagine that -50mph”

  9. Manymeez says:

    I hear you faithlk511, and I understand what you mean. I think you may be misunderstanding the meaning or the point I was trying to make. You’re right though, there is truth that is cut and dry, without dispute. But if you dig a little deeper, and think of truth in the not so analytical sense, there is some room for interpretation of the truth. For example, it might be one persons truth that being gay is a choice and a sin. They may feel so strongly about it, that it is beyond opinion, but their own personal truth. Another persons truth may be that being gay is not a choice and it is not a sin. All things in life are not black and white…sometimes we need to scratch the surface a little and look at things a little deeper. But you’re absolutely right, you can’t tell an officer that the truth is somewhere in the middle when it comes to fact and the law. Because there is not a middle ground when proven fact is involved.
    If you spend any time reading this blog, you’ll know that I am not a cut and dry, black and white kind of person at all, and any reference I make will be a little more deep than the obvious. My brain just doesn’t work that way. I appreciate and love your input though, and respect your opinion. Sorry it took so long to respond…I was on vacation and didn’t really spend any time working on my blog.

  10. SurfaceEarth says:

    Welcome back Coffeegrounds! Hope the sand & surf treated you well.

    I take some responsibility in this…I think I egged you on to some degree, but considering your strong blogging personality, I suppose it had nothing to do with my input. So, my cheap excuse for contributing to this post is revealed. Sigh.

    I think the truth is never the truth. I believe we can only see what we see and overlying that is the perception and experiences of others which color our worlds and theirs, meaning a continuing blurring of perception and consequent tagging of definition.

  11. Manymeez says:

    Hey SurfaceEarth! Thanks! I did have a good time, except for the infected bug bites I have, it was a good time.

    Yes, you have contributed to some of my post by the thought provoking things you’ve said here and on your blog. I however, do take full responsibilty for anything I post here.

    I have ran into some people who have a hard time grasping my truth theory. I can only assume that they have a personality type that makes it difficult to understand what I’m trying to say. What it boils down to, all I’m saying is…if we spend more time trying to understand another person’s point of view and less time trying to prove we’re right, the world would be a much better place. If we look for the truth in between our own interpretation and someone elses…we might be able to live in a world peacefully with so many people who are very different than ourselves. That’s all I’m saying, but people just take it all so literally, and can’t seem to break free from that train of thought.

  12. SurfaceEarth says:

    Ugh, infected bug bites! Sorry for that!

    Yes, we need to find away to let be, I am at a point in life where my only truth is to accept all others and their actions SO LONG AS THEY DO NOT HARM OTHERS.

    So, as much as I like to live in the grey world, the dimensions, I to have a bottom line.

  13. faithlk511 says:

    I agree that we need to scratch under the surface, yet to follow your analogy, scratching under the surface leads us to a better understanding of the truth in a particular area of investigation. If a doctor needs to get under the surface of the skin, he does so to come to the truth of a disease or a cure, but the scratching does have a stopping point. No matter how one slices the bread of life…truth, absolute truth is there. We can’t live without it.

    For example, in your ambigious language (I’m not a cut and dry, black and white person) aren’t you making an absolute statement of what kind of person you are. You are writing that statement as an absolute truth statement.

    One must have a standard to support their truth claims. Either it is one’s religion, one’s parents, one’s opinion, etc.

    Next, one must look into those standards and determine if they are a solid foundation for their building of truth (scratching under the surface)

    When someone tells me “there is no absolute truth” I’m quick to ask them, “how can you be so sure.” And after a series of arguments based on the standard of their opinion, I simply show them that their foundation crumbles because it is built by self-refuting statements. It is self-refuting to say there is no absolute truth because that propistion itself is made as an absolute truth.

    For example. I cannot type in the English Language. (I just refuting what I wrote, simply by being able to write what you read) The same goes with most of your statements regarding truth.

    You see what I mean?

    You need solid standards or else your world is going to crumble. I’m curious. Have you done any work in epistemology?

    I’m afraid no one lives as ambigiously as your blog sets forth. It gets us nowhere. The desire for peace is excellent, but surrendering truth to get there won’t work.

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