why we must think for ourselves

Posted: March 18, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Life, politics, War

This is a response I received to my post, 9-11, what is the truth?  It is a perfect example of why we must, I repeat, must think for ourselves.   Michael demonstrates some good examples of how to make an effective argument, and there are some bad examples. 

  • Michael McGinnis
    March 17th, 2007 at 7:55 pm · Edit

    What do you mean that you are not saying you are on board with this theory? What are you talking about?

    There is no theory. Anyone with eyes can see that building was CLEARLY demolished.

    That is a little unusual that the building was rigged with explosives and that someone brought it down on September 11th.

    There is no theory about that. The building was brought down by explosives. The question is why.

    Who did this? Al Queada?

    Don’t think so. And if they did why wouldn’t the government say so.

    No one including the 911 commision report is denying that this building fell under mysterious circumstances and they admit that they have no explanation of why it fell.

    So then why would the government have all of the rubble immediatly sent to asia and other continents to be recycled. Uh wouldn’t maybe a little investigation be in order.

    If that dosen’t strike you as suspicious and not the actions of a government that is sincerely trying to figure out the cause of the building falling that I don’t know what well.

    And lastly, does it strike you as a little odd that you have never heard about the mysterious building 7 fall ever in mainstream media. Maybe just a little odd.

    Don’t be scared. Just like Rosie wants, do a little thinking for yourself.

    You saying you are not “on board” with this “theory’ shows you to be a either a coward or dumb as a rock and I don’t think you a are dumb as a rock so stop being a pussy.

    But at least you had the courage to even comment on this.

    One last thing you might find suspicious. Try googling Rosie wtc 7 and any major media you want: NBC CBS ABC CNN MSNBC Etc…

    Not one word. But when Rosie posts about Donald Trump you hear that everywhere.

    Hmmmm….makes you think. I hope.

  • Manymeez
    March 18th, 2007 at 11:37 am · Edit

    Thanks for posting Michael. You were doing a fine job right up until the name calling. Never a good idea when you’re trying to make a valid argument. The purpose of my post is to make people feel something, and react accordingly. To help guide people to finding their own truth, so they can better understand the world around them. If you read more post on my blog, you will get a better understanding of this goal. I said I’m not on board yet, because my intention is to get people to think for themselves, and question what they think our government is capable of. I want people to actually think about it, and make an argument in search of their own personal truth. I want to understand why everyone thinks the way they think. If everyone would apply this to their own lives, our world could be a much different place. But for the record, Yes, I think my government, and any power hungry individual is very much capable of putting their own agenda ahead of the people they are susposed to be representing. And yes, I’m scared. I’m scared as hell that I believe that to be true, as should anyone else who believes our government has its own personal agenda ahead of the best interest of our Country as a whole.

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    1. madmouser says:

      There are more examples of political figures putting themselves, their party ahead of the good of the country. It has finally become the obvious. I think the Internet has become the watchdog and people are learning more than ever before. It is sick and disgusting what our politicians have become before our very eyes.

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