To Our Soldier’s

Posted: March 19, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, politics, rants, War

In response to a comment made by SurfaceEarth to The Woman’s War, I dedicate this post to our hero’s, our soldier’s and their families.

 You know, I wish I knew the answer to that.  These women, and men too are suffering, and our government has been turning its back on them.  A lot (not all) of these  young men and women who are joining the military are being recruited at paintball fields, and through video gaming.  These young people love playing these “games” and think a real war would be like the “games”, but better.  They are not old enough or wise enough to understand war.  And of course there are the men and women who go in, because of their love for this country.   Elizabeth was saying on The View today that she’s worried that our kids are not being taught “real” patriotism.  For some, the truth they have been taught is, in order to be patriotic, you must support your leaders without question, and believe everything that you’re told. And even if you disagree, you still fight to the death.  When they get into the war, they are shocked at the reality.  I know a few guys who went to Iraq, and came back saying it is a war that needs to be fought, that the United States needs to be there.  But they still suffer with ptsd.  The reason’s for signing up to fight for this Country are as varied as there are people.  I support and admire you for commiting to your truth, whatever that may be. However, I do not support your mission.  War is hell.  Sometimes it is unavoidable.  But when we commit the lives of our young men and women, it should be without a doubt, because there are no other options and America is in jeopardy.  It didn’t start out that way…but I think because of our actions, it has turned in to that. I don’t think that a lot of people understand that this war is a distant cousin of September 11.  It is not directly related.  If our leaders had chosen a different path 4 years ago, I think we would be safer than we are.  So, now we’re there, our men and women are coming back, if not in body bags, broken and wounded.  They need our support.  But the very government who shouts  “you’re unpatriotic if you protest this war” are not supporting our returning troops as it should. These men and women and their families should get whatever they ask  for or need.  They have given everything, or everything that means anything anyway.  Our Country should give them the same in return, no questions asked. Anybody who has the nerve to call me unpatriotic needs to take a long hard look at themselves first.  Support our men and women, get them home safely, and take care of them once they are home, damnit!

  1. fma7 says:

    Alot of us understand that the troops are in effect hired guns for the corporate minders who have created and organized this unlawfulcriminal action. The troops should drop their weapons and refuse to fight.

  2. SurfaceEarth says:

    Ah were it that easy. They too would then be like many of the civilians, unarmed and the easiest, next target.

    It would be nice if we too held just one consistent opinion, but it is another deadly riddle for not only our country, but the countries affected on the ground that call the war ground their home, sending their sons and daughters, husbands and wives, nieces and nephews…………..

    where does it end?

  3. fma7 says:

    I think it is that easy, there is no riddle. Those soldiers are illegally there and would not be like the civilians if they dropped their guns since the civilians are sovereign citizens while the soldiers are murderers, rapists, baby-killers, family destroyers, invaders and occupiers. When the west-especially the U.S.stops parasitically living off the backs of other countries unable to match the killing machine which is U.S. foreign policy and murdering and occupying immorally by force so the well to do can maintain their privilages then there will be a chance for peace.

  4. Manymeez says:

    There are no easy answer’s. The theory is, if we pull out all at once, we run the risk of having the terrorist follow us home, making America look weak and vulnerable.

    And of course, the obvious is if we stay, we lose more lives.

    To answer your question, I don’t think there will be an end. The terrorist cells are growing and expanding. As long as we continue to involve ourselves in their civil war, more terrorist cells will result. Doesn’t it make sense that in the heat of a war, recruiting is intensified? And it doesn’t matter if it’s America, another Country or terrorist, if you need more people, you will say and do anything to get more recruits. We get rid of one, a new one takes its’ place. The war in Iraq or even Iran for that matter will not secure the safety of American’s anymore than the “war on drugs” will keep our streets drug free. It seems to me, if we pull our resources out of other Countries, and focus on building a stronger America, we could fight for our safety and freedom here. A few terrorist might get through. A few American lives may be lost. But I strongly feel the numbers would be much less than if we stay at war in Iraq and/or Iran. If you’re trying to teach your kids not to use drugs, do you go out onto the streets and fight there, or do you stay at home, and work on keeping your family strong, safe, secure, and knowledgeable. Most of the time it works, sometimes kids slip through the cracks. If you want to protect your family, you start at home, and then move outwardly, not the other way around. How many more lives must be lost before our leaders wake up?

  5. fma7 says:

    So it is ok to stay and kill the people in Iraq so long as so we stay and keep killing Iraqi civilians so we don’t look weak and vulnerable by leaving? your logic doesn’t add up.
    Sorry, we are the terrorists, cia terrorist cells world wide. Kidnapping/rendition amd torture. Directing death squads in Iraq ,working with known terrorist organizations in Iran to destabilize the present gov’t plus funding Sunni groups in Lebanon to create strive throughout the M. E.
    ‘their civil war’- what are you talking about? we created and nurtured the sunni against shia bloodsport.

  6. Manymeez says:

    Dear fma7. I must be a crappier writer than I thought if you came away from my comment thinking that’s what I said. I thought I was saying that America would be better served if we defend ourselves here at home, and pull out of the war. Here is a quote: “The war in Iraq or even Iran for that matter will not secure the safety of American’s anymore than the “war on drugs” will keep our streets drug free. It seems to me, if we pull our resources out of other Countries, and focus on building a stronger America, we could fight for our safety and freedom here.” I agree with you. I think America is being a form of terrorist as well. I also think, that even though pulling out is the best option, we WILL lose some American lives as a result. But I think the overall loss would be less than if we stay in a war that cannot be won. Please read my post again, and tell me my writing is not worse than I thought it was. Thanks for the comment, and your passion though.

  7. fma7 says:

    my apologies, i misunderstood. Thanks

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