A case against war

Posted: March 31, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Democrats versus Republicans, politics, rants, War

Should we withdraw the troops in Iraq or continue fighting? If we withdraw, does that mean we’ve lost? If we stay, is it a sure bet we will win? In this war, what does it mean to win or lose?  The answer may be different if you ask President Bush, or if I ask you, or if you ask me.  That’s part of the problem.  Since we all disagree why we are in this war to begin with, it is not a yes or no question, but a  combination of what, when, where, and why?  Even though it is my opinion that whether we win or loose, it will bring the same outcome, lets talk about some of the yes and no questions. 

1. If we our at war to protect our freedom, I think our freedom was not, is not, and cannot be based on the outcome of this war.  We are at war with an elusive enemy.  One that is everywhere, even here in America.  

2. If we are at war to liberate the Iraqi’s, and give them a democratic society, their fate is not determined on what we do.  This is their civil war, not ours…we can fight without end, but the ultimate solution is in the hands of the Iraqi’s themselves. 

3. If we are at war to gain control of oil…that also is ultimately in the hands of the Iraqi’s, no matter what solutions are made.  For example, look at Iran.  It doesn’t matter what agreements they have with whom…they’re going to do whatever the hell they’re going to do.  Just as we did.  We went to war, despite what the U.N. had to say.

4. Did we go to war as the result of a personal vendetta of President Bush?  If yes, then Saddam Hussein is gone, mission accomplished.

 For me, the answers to all of the above questions lead me to an answer of  Yes, we should withdraw our troops from Iraq.  But, here is another dilemma. It is not as simple as to whether or not we withdraw our troops.  If we withdraw our troops suddenly, we will increase the risk of more deaths.  If we do not withdraw our troops, we will also have more deaths.  If we set a deadline, then that will create a false sense of comfort.  These questions and answers are not easy. But I personally think we should have never ended up in Iraq to begin with, and we need to get out.  The deaths of our fellow American’s in this war are unjustified and unexcusable.   We need to spend more time compromising, debating and securing our freedom right here at home, and less time proving how strong we are, and how right we are.  America is not liked by many.  I know a lot of you could really care less about that, but it is an important factor to the future of our country.

It’s hard to admit when you’ve made a mistake, and even harder to forfeit, but sometimes you have to do that in order to protect your assets. Our freedom is our asset.  Our strength, and our being right is a result of our freedom.  We know that we are strong and we know that being free is right and that’s what makes us strong.  But if we loose focus of that, we loose everything this young Country has fought to achieve. To stay focused and to stay the course doesn’t have to mean we keep fighting this war, it can mean, we learn which course is best for our country to stay focused on.  The problem is, in the name of democracy, we all seem to disagree on what that course is.  But, on the other side of the coin, in the name of democracy, it seems that the majority of American’s agree that the course we’re on is not working, and it just might be time to change the focus, and get more of our young men and women home alive instead of in body bags! 

  1. Lee Childs says:

    That is a good report, for we are violating INTERNATIONAL LAW by starting an OFFENIVE WAR. As a “CHRISTIAN NATION” we can not, & SHOULD NOT FORCE PEOPLE to believe what our TRUTH IS. That is what causes all conflict & war whether it be within a family or between nations. As a “Christian” our AGENCY to CHOOSE the life we live is most important.
    The conspiring men who believe in forcing others to believe as they do, for their PROFIT & GAIN is destroying us as a nation. The CONSTITUTION has provided the way to solve the problem we face with dictators controling our government, which is IMPEACHMENT, for putting forth bills to withdraw our troops by a given date accomplishes nothing, for an UNSTABLE PRESIDENT has the power to VETO what the CONGRESS submits to him.

  2. Manymeez says:

    Thanks for the comment Lee! It’s scary to think what a democratic country such as the U.S. can get away with!

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