Bush said what?

Posted: April 8, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, politics, War

The mission has changed so many times, and the definition of success has changed so many times, I’ve forgotten what Bush said.  He sounds a lot like someone who is an addict. “I will quit smoking as soon as I finish this project.”  Okay, now that I’ve gotten through that, “I’ll quit smoking as soon as the holiday’s are over.”  It goes on and on.  So, at the beginning of this insane war, Bush said “The terrorist threat to America and the world will be diminished…” as soon as what? This statement is as much as a lie as “We are going to stay thecourse until we succeed, because if we don’t the terrorist will follow us home.”  What is a lie?  Intentionally trying to mislead or misinform. Addicts are the biggest liar’s around, and spend as much time trying to convince themselves of the truth as they do others.  Alright Bush, it’s time to make a commitment, and find a way to beat your addiction to war.  You can continue to make up reasons to continue, but the problem is, was, and will always be the same, until you just stop.

And excerpt of a speech made by President Bush on March 17, 2003 @ 8:01 pm est.

“Yet, the only way to reduce the harm and duration of war is to apply the full force and might of our military, and we are prepared to do so. If Saddam Hussein attempts to cling to power, he will remain a deadly foe until the end. In desperation, he and terrorists groups might try to conduct terrorist operations against the American people and our friends. These attacks are not inevitable. They are, however, possible. And this very fact underscores the reason we cannot live under the threat of blackmail. The terrorist threat to America and the world will be diminished the moment that Saddam Hussein is disarmed. “

  1. But he NEEDS war until his friends have their oil deals and until Halliburton has the whole of the US treasury.

  2. Manymeez says:

    yes, it does seem to be all about greed and power…which is not only sad, but scary.

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