is one death more tragic than another?

Posted: April 18, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, politics, War

I’m having a personal crisis right now, and I’ve not  been reading as many papers and blogs as I usually do. But I am so outraged, I can no longer contain it. The  tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech this week was and is heartbreaking. My heart is so saddened by the horror.  And with the information I have right now, my heart also aches for the parents of the suspect.  The amount of news coverage this tragedy is receiving is well deserved, and I wouldn’t want to see it any other way. But I am outraged that the American lives lost in Iraq is not given the same treatment.  These men and women have died in as much as a tragic way as the students and faculty at VT.  Where is there rememberance?  Where is their public outcry?  Oh, they signed up for what they have been subjected to you say.  Well, you’re wrong.  A tragic death is a tragic death…and the families mourning is the same, and this Country should be affected just the same.  Read what some Iraqi vets have to say, then lets reconsider our position. Iraq Veterans against the war

  1. lawcrow says:

    I thought of the same ideas. What about Iraq, the tragedy at V-TECH, and the parentsbe hounded for something they are not responsible for ( I HOPE ).

    Our media outlets have us running from one issue to another, and our perceptions become distorted by what truly is important. Its like that game on the prize is right; where someone has to run with a number of prices and place them in the right order ( its all back and forth ). Our Media does that with our focus at times; we are all over the place. Information overload to further desensitize, and confuse. I am staying away from the news. Nothing positive is there anymore….

  2. Manymeez says:

    yes, I agree Bobby. And their decision to play that tape that the “man” sent to become some sort of sick martyr is just insane to me. I think maybe the news networks suffer from the same delusions as the mad man who invoked this suffering.

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