What does it take?

Posted: May 6, 2007 in All, Blogroll, politics, rants, Thoughts, War

You know, I’m growing more and more frustrated with the United States Government.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more aware and more interested in politics.  But the more I read and the more I understand the more I realize that we the people have little or no influence on what happens.  We have a little more influence on the local level, but even there people with power are gonna do whatever the hell it is they want to do.  A very small percentage of us vote, and an even smaller amount of us speak out.  We live in a capitalist Country, and I love the idea of that.  I understand that we all need to work hard in order to get what we want.  But at the same time, we, as a whole have become increasingly greedy.  Either financial greed or power creed.  We allow our government to get away with being the greediest of all.  Our government, the leaders we’ve elected reflect the values of the people.  Whether we agree with our leaders or not, the world doesn’t see the values of each individual, they see the values our leaders show to the world.  We can march, protest, and write all the letters we want, but nothing will change unless it effects the people who hold the majority of the money.  It’s really sad, and I hope that I’m only in a cynical mood…but I see very little evidence to convince me otherwise.  What do you think?  Can we make a difference?  What does it take to make a difference?

  1. SurfaceEarth says:

    How funny you write this and I find it as I watched on the news the announcement of the White Tie Estate Dinner, and choked, on how hard I work by the hour, to fund that dinner…………….

  2. Manymeez says:

    I wasn’t so sure about this post. I was in a depressed fog when I wrote it, but after re-reading it today, It had a bit of truth in there. Sorry you choked though, hope you’re alright? Yeah, it’s amazing what we pay for…even more amazing that we complain so little.

  3. SurfaceEarth says:


    still gasping for air………..



    It is a mind-bender though, isn’t it?

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