“This is my Punishment”

Posted: May 8, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, politics, rants, Thoughts

I saw a segment this morning on The Today Show that was talking about dishing out shame for punishment. I remember hearing about this a few years ago, and forgot about it.  I googled a few articles about examples of this type of punishment being handed down by U.S. judges. Look here and here for a couple of examples.  I have a hard time accepting this type of punishment on many levels. 

Shaming can completely destroy a person’s soul. I think the punishment needs to fit the crime.  If the crime involves someone shaming another person, like in child abuse or child pornography or molestation, then yes, I agree 100% that shame should be a part of the punishment.  An inhumane, barbaric criminal deserves to be punished with like measures.  However, this type of punishment could fall into the same sort of problems as the death penalty.  You  have to catch the person in the act, because as we all know, there are many innocent people sitting on death row right now.  If you shame a person who is innocent, the consequences could be disastrous.

When I think about shame punishments, I think about the radical Islamic terrorist parading and dragging people through the streets, dead or alive to either shame the person they deem a criminal or attempt to shame their group.  And even the reported shaming our U.S. government has participated in with accused terrorist. It is a very barbaric practice to me.  In 2007, I think we need to think of other alternatives for punishing criminals if they do not need to be in jail, unless as said above, you’re absolutely positive of their guilt and their crime involved destroying someone else’s soul. 

But really, I think the judges that participate in this shame for punishment are judges who are seeking a bit of notoriety and attention.  Just my opinion, but do we, the United States of America really want to go back to the era of burning people at the stakes?  Just something to think about.

  1. Senseless_ says:

    I think the Walmart people had the option of holding the sign or spending some days in jail didn’t they? Every once in a while they have a photo in the paper here of a shoplifter with the caption “I stole something..” and I always wondered if that was an option or just imposed on them.

    I had a helper a few years back that is a registered sex offender for being 19 and having a 16 year old girlfriend. The kids like 26 or so now and is a good guy and hard worker but has to register anywhere he moves and probobly will be limited to lower income jobs all his life because it will ever go away.

    If he had been a Rapist or something then yes I could see this but in his case it seems extreme.

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