Thank you to our war heros

Posted: May 28, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Family, Life, Love, Motivation & Inspiration, War


It is memorial day, a day of remembrance of the men and women who have fought for this country, past and present.  It doesn’t matter what your politics are, for today, put those to the side and take the time to remember the sacrifice these soldiers and their families have made on all of our behalf.  They are hero’s.  Remember that the over 3,800 total in this war alone are not just numbers.  Jayel Aheram, an  Iraqi soldier has a Iraq war casualities, visualizing the dead map on his flickr photo website.  The nearly 1,000 dead since memorial day 2006, and the 100 dead this month alone are not just numbers either.

There are names and  faces to go with these figures, here is a list of 3,863 names of U.S. men and women who have died fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And lets not forget the physically and mentally injured, that would put the number of Americans killed or injured up into the hundreds of thousands.   Go to this website, and look at the faces of the fallen. And take a moment to say a prayer of peace for the ones who are still standing, and hope for their safe return.  They are American citizens. They are wives and husbands.  They are sons and daughters.  They are brothers and sisters. They are friends and lovers.  They are our neighbors.  They are hero’s.  Beforeyou light that grill, before you dive into the pool…take a moment and remember our hero’s.

Thank  you to all of our war  hero’s.  I am humbled by the very essence of your commitment.  You are my hero’s because  you continue in your commitment despite your fears, despite your politics, despite your personal beliefs.  I pray that each and everyone of you make it home safely and whole, with a feeling of being appreciated.

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