A President I would vote for

Posted: June 3, 2007 in All, Blogroll, politics, rants, Thoughts

The 2008 election is going to be a tough one.  America is at a crossroad, and if Bush doesn’t send us into World War III before then, the 2008 election will be one of the most important Presidential elections this country has ever had.

When I eventually pick a candidate, of course it will be someone who’s past record reflects the values I think are important. But the debates and the website are really not helpful.  The debates are nothing more than who is the best performer.  The websites consist of who has the best writers and the best tech people.  But unfortunately, a candidates true colors don’t come through until they are in office.

A President I would vote for would go way out of their way to make sure that I, and my fellow American’s know that we are important, and what we want for our country is important.  They would make themselves accessible to the everyday people, and answer questions that we have, even after they become President.  A President I would vote for would not be so out of touch with reality. They would understand how everything they do effects Americans, like the free trade agenda, the illegal immigrant policy, and the trillion’s of dollars deficit. They would not be afraid to address and fight the difficult issues.  They would know how much it cost to buy a weeks worth of groceries, they would know how it feels to have a loved one sent into harms way.  A President needs to care more about the people and the state of this nation than greed and power, or personal agenda’s.

I’d love to have a president that would sit down and just talk, without rehearsing, without speech writer’s, without notes.  A presidential candidate needs to understand that they don’t only need to answer to the people who gave the most money, or to those that helps to get them the most power…they  need to answer to everybody.  When a majority of the people are unhappy, the President should care enough to listen and act on what the people want.  Isn’t the president our employee, and a temporary one at that?

I think it would be great if we could do away with all of the big debates, commercials, big dollar campaigns, and mud slinging.  If every presidential candidate held “town hall” type meetings in at least 10 cities of every state, spending days in each of these states so that the people could get to know them.  At every meeting, people could donate no more than a dollar to each candidate.  The one from each party who collected the most dollars would be the final candidate.  Then they can collect more money, but only a certain amount to do their final campaigning.  This way, all of the people are responsible for getting them elected. 

A president I would vote for would agree that the current system is flawed, and would understand why the American people are so upset.  Does that man or woman exist?


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