will there ever be the best?

Posted: June 4, 2007 in All, Blogroll, politics, Thoughts

I wrote a response to unitedcats in my post, The Democratic debate, and the winner is… that really got me thinking.  I said that I’m so fed up with all politicians at this point.  I find myself trying to figure out which candidate is not the worst.  It’s a sad thing to admit, but seeing what’s happening after the 2006 election, and hearing the candidates make promises that they can’t keep, what other choice do we have? I find it increasingly difficult to believe that candidates would want to leave this kind of impression on all of us.  My question is, will there ever be a candidate who is the best?

  1. SurfaceEarth says:

    Oh Coffeegrounds! Why do we hear so much truth when you say: “I find myself trying to figure out which candidate is not the worst.”?

    It’s not they we think we are any brighter, more savvy, etc.; we are just sick of the b.s.

  2. Palestar says:

    AMEN to that – I simply find it hard to trust them.

    Has anyone else seen the Runaway Jury film? If you have – think about the things we have wondered why/how congress does such stupid things – consider congress has had the same things being done to them – that the jury had done to them… Oy Vey!!!

  3. unitedcats says:

    It’s my theory that as the American political system, especially the national one, has gotten more an more corrupt and more and more run by big moneyed interests, that it is increasingly unattractive to people with genuine principles who want to serve their country. There was a day when people ran for congress especially because they wanted to serve their constituents. Now congressional districts are so large and so gerrymandered that they are little more than a fiction as far as being any sort of geographical and/or socially coherent entity. And of course the system has been revamped to the point where the corrupt crooks have huge inherent advantages as well. It’s reached the point where I agree, anyone who wants to be in Congress almost by definition is a corrupt crook, so searching for the most harmless crook is probably the best course of action. I usually just deface my ballot, which as far as I am concerned is a more meaningful vote than the “choices” I am given. “Hanging or firing squad” isn’t much of a choice. —Doug

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