children playing games

Posted: June 26, 2007 in All, Blogroll, CELEBRITY, children, Controversy, Family, Life, politics, rants, War


I’m sitting here feeling completely blown away.  I am a regular reader of  Today, I went to Rosie’s website, and saw the above picture, and spent a few moments remembering my own childhood, and the pretend games I used to play.  You remember those games don’t you? Digging to China, army, cowboy and Indians, cops and robbers.  It was nice to spend that moment remembering that part of my imagination that I don’t seem to have anymore.  A few  hours later I check back in with, and was amazed to read the comments that people wrote in response to this innocent picture.  I guess I’m a freakin’ moron, because the symbolism of the picture didn’t even cross my mind initially.  I see it now.  But my God people, give me a flippin’ break.  Apparently this picture of an innocent, beautiful young girl playing war with her brothers made TMZ and fox news for cryin’ out loud.

Meanwhile, more soldiers have died.  A mother and father’s little boy.  A mother and father’s little girl.  DEAD, GONE, NO LONGER WALKING ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH.  And yet, this little girl playing make believe makes “news.”  What is the deal with that?  Can a mother not post a picture of her child on her blog playing a game?  What difference does it make what her mother’s politics are?

Children play games, they play dress-up.  They act out things that they are trying to make sense of.  From my experience with working with children, the parents who forbid their children from play fighting, playing guns, or any form of violent games raised children who were overly fascinated with those things as adults.  Lighten up people…and please, put your focus on the important things, like the heros fighting and dying in the real world!

Whew!  I feel better now.

  1. unitedcats says:

    Bleeding heart liberals can be really annoying, I’m with you, it’s a kid, playing. I have no problem with the picture. —Doug

  2. Manymeez says:

    Thanks for the comment Doug. Any person exploding to an extreme is annoying. I don’t understand what’s up with people. Leave the child alone, and let her be a child before she has to enter into adulthood in a corrupt world that we allowed to happen. My heart breaks at the thought of the mess we’re leaving for our children.

  3. fox says:

    Murr. Those comments are obnoxious. While I can see the theory behind not letting children play with guns, the realities of the situation are that with so much violence in the news and entertainment…they’re going to be exposed to it. Not to mention other children who are exposed to it will most likely be interacting with them, if say they do things like attend school.

    As children are naturally all about the asking questions, playing as children with toy guns and thinking about why you’d be shooting at people and forming an opinion on when and why you’d do this sounds far less frightening to me than a child growing up having never thought about that and holding a gun in his/her hands.

    Letting children grow up having played with guns isn’t so much why we have such issues with violence. Raising children without the understanding of community or compassion is.

    All of the people rushing in to judge other people with their ‘how could you do this to your daughter’ posts would seem to me to be causing far more separation between one person and another than children pretending to be heroes and villains – and of the two it’s separation from other people that makes violence more possible. These parents may not teach their children to shoot other children, but their children will almost certainly learn all about judgment, intolerance, and isolation through observation if that kind of behavior is a normal response from their parents.

    You are most certainly not alone in your opinions here. The picture is fine. The response is certainly questionable. (Most disturbing to me is that no one asked any questions like: before you let her play with toy guns did you teach her about gun safety/talk about how to respond to situations without violence/etc.)

  4. Manymeez says:

    You raised some very good points here fox. Children are certainly learning the values of their parents whether the parents care to acknowledge it or not. You hit the nail on the head with your final statement. No one did ask the question of what the children are told about gun safety. They just passed judgement on a picture…without knowing the circumstances or conversations that were held. It’s amazing to me how hard we, as humans are on eachother. We are more alike than different, and we all know there is more to a story than a single moment frozen in time.

    Thanks for the comment fox!

  5. unitedcats says:

    This kind of touches on a way westerners and Americans in particular see the world. Americans see everything as being evidence of intent, easterners are more likely to see situational factors. In an experiment the two groups were shown a picture of a women who had been beaten by her husband, when asked what they thought…westerners were quick to judge the man as a wife beating monster, easterners (Asians) were far more likely to wonder what sort of terrible stress could drive a man to that extreme. It’s a subtle but pervasive and important difference in world views in my opinion. Thanks for the thought provoking post and comments. —Doug

  6. Manymeez says:

    Also, the more perceived power one has, the more people try to sabatoge them. If they can’t find something, then they grasp at straws. Just ridiculous. I’m glad I’m a nobody. Thanks for the comment Doug!

  7. rosiefans says:

    Glad to find a Rosie fan.

    Check out

    Keep bloggin’

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