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You single parents out there understand.  There are not enough hours in the day to collect your thoughts, much less tend to any hobbies you may have. (did I actually say hobbies? who has time for those?)  I’ve been rather neglectful of my oh so faithful blog.  But she keeps on giving, even when it’s impossible for me to give to her, never feeling jealous or resentful.  When I get 10 minutes here or there, I sit down and surf other blogs…it’s just nice to sit back, chug a few beers, relax and relate to my fellow insanely, quirky, off the wall bloggers, even if there’s not time to respond. What the hell is  better than that after an insane day?

Okay, here comes the freaky part.  I have been so digging roseanne world…as in Roseanne Barr.  (don’t know if that’s still the name she goes by)  She is one wild, fucked up  crazy bitch.  But there’s something about her humor that, well…amuses me.  Her blog is not only freaky, it’s wild, it’s plastered, it’s as insane as its’ author.  But it’s fresh, funny, and insanely addicting.  (how many times have I used the word insane here? hmmmm) Anyway, it has become one of the first sites I check lately.

To Roseanne…you are insane, and I love you and your wit.  You are great!  To the rest of the blogger world, if you haven’t checked her out, and you know you want to…here’s that fork in the road you’ve been looking for.