a message of peace

Posted: September 3, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Life, Love, Motivation & Inspiration, philosophy, Thoughts

What is it that creates war? What is it that drives someone to commit murder, rape, and robbery?  What keeps us from achieving peace after 40+ years of fighting for it?  It all boils down to the need for power, the need to be heard, the need to feel important, the need to feel significant and to matter.  The fight for peace has had a re-birth since the war in Iraq started.  But it really came to be in the 1960’s.  After all these years, peace has not conquered the earth.  Why?  Because as long as people are not willing to compromise, to listen, to share the power so that all are equal under the laws of the land, peace will not flourish.  If we want peace, we must start at home.  It won’t happen over night, but with time, peace can prevail if we’re willing to do the work.  Nothing comes easy.  Standing on a street corner with sign that says “peace” will not bring peace.  The people for whom the message is intended don’t give a damn about our signs, because they’re too busy fighting for power, fighting to be heard, fighting to count….or they’re just busy fighting for greed.  Peace can prevail if we open our minds to a new way of thinking.

Peace Out!!!

  1. lawcrow says:

    Many minds are open……..
    Its the power of media, and the twisting of truth that leads the lost to an even darker place.

    Freedom can be won through understanding!

  2. Mikell says:

    I recently reread For the Sake of Peace by Daisaku Ikeda in preparation for the Ikeda exhibit that is coming to our area. “According to archeologists, humankind has engages in organized war for only 10,000 of the four million years of human existence on earth. This fact should lead us to the conviction that it is not impossible to realize a human society in which war does not exist. And Ikeda’s book mirror’s lawcrow’s comments – the key is dailogue to increase understanding.

  3. Manymeez says:

    Thanks! I agree with both of you. In order to achieve peace, we need more, much more understanding in this world, and less of the me, me, me in the world!

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