To Be Loved

Posted: September 10, 2007 in All, Blogroll, CELEBRITY, Life, Love, music

this much….*sigh*

marble echoes of silken gravel

mmmkay. so i have to say there are times i am sooo glad that honey can sing as well as she does. she has this gig tomorrow night where she has to sing a song made famous by gladys knight. shit. gladys knight. she’s not the only one singing, of course… they asked some others, too. (i dont know who “they” is, but there’s always a “they” somewhere, isn’t there.) they asked smokey robinson, johnny mathis, maybe some others, and honey. (okay, they asked me, too, but i declined, if i have to sing “midnight train to georgia” one more time, and get a standing ovation. *yaaaaawn* ) mmmmkay, that list of folk? that is music, friends, those are real singers. if you can step on stage with that mix, you have my respect. don’t matter how underweight you are or how short your shirt is, darlin’, you can’t protools and lip sync yourself through that night, know what i’m sayin?

here’s a(nother) reason to be with honey and her voice: she has to rehearse for those gigs, usually at home a few times first. and i get to sit 6 feet away pretending to blog about something else. hhhmmmm… it’s nice. in her frayed jammie boxers, and washed-thin t-shirt, some biodegradeable slippers, and the cat purring around her legs…. there she stands, belting out a practice session, her corduroy voice clawing its way up the bathroom marble and splashing me with echoes. gravel draped in silk. good heavens, this is free, with a no drink minimum. love love love it.

  1. Palestar says:

    Sounds like love to me…

  2. lawcrow says:

    The last paragraph I could really get into big time! Just the overall description of sight, and sound blew me away!

  3. Palestar says:

    hmm no wonder you get into that – she has a way with words – as you do – tiny envious myself – would be so lovely to have someone speak of me in that manner and mean it. It is truthfully wonderful to know there are people who actually are in love and in a healthy relationship. 🙂

  4. Manymeez says:

    Thank you Bobby and Palestar! Yes Palestar, she does have a way of words, that in my opinion surpasses my own. These words spoke to depth of my being…

  5. Palestar says:

    I think I do not agree with you in this case – her words simply radiate her truth – your words radiate your truth and is in no way less than – just different. Your words are as beautiful and have powerful depth to them – I believe what you feel is the passion and truth in her words are like a mirror bringing your truth back to you.

    😆 I have spoken… 🙄

  6. Manymeez says:

    Thank you Palestar! You do a wonderful job at motivating. Maybe someday I’ll believe…I’m so hard on myself. But when I produce a piece of writing that just flows right from me…it makes me higher than any drug, whether the piece is perfect, good, bad, wrong or right…it makes me happy. My dream job is to do some type of writing…I hope someday I can loosen up about my writing, and follow that dream. Thank you for helping to jump start that journey!

  7. Palestar says:

    Someday is today – write little snips of whatever you feel in that moment – just do it all the time – 5 or 10 minutes – then viola it will be a force that cannot be stopped – whoo hoo – no pressure just baby steps – no plans – just notes – whee.

    Stay safe – feel better. 😆

  8. Palestar says:

    Ya Ya!

    You turn -… ya ya ! 😆

  9. Manymeez says:

    I’m trying, it just won’t come. But I’ve not given up….yet! Thanks for the encouragement!

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