9-11, now what?

Posted: September 11, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Life, Love, Motivation & Inspiration, Thoughts

Today, on the 6th anniversary of 9-11 my heart is quiet in remembrance of the innocent victims of that tragic day, and my  heart bleeds for the evil souls who do not understand the meaning of peace.  My soul lays heavy knowing that their belief is that lost blood will solve all of the problems of the world, not capable of understanding the meaning of compassion.

The evil doers mission is to change and dominate the people of the world. The evil doers will never accept that we were never meant to be the same, and they will never understand that striving for complete dominance will leave them with a restless, empty soul. 

On this day, I do not give the power to those that choose to destroy.  I give the power to those who choose to unite, despite our differences.  I give the power to the people of the world who know that before one strives to have power, they first must have compassion, faith, love, acceptance, understanding, and a sense of responsibilty within them.

Today, I say thank you to our hero’s and I pray for those that lead blind lives.  I have faith that someday, these two can come together.

  1. Poignant and nicely done…thank you.

    Like you..like the sentient, thinking world, I remember what happened on this day six years ago..

    As I entered the fourth hour of being glued to my TV, I was desperate to find something redeeming rise from the ashes of the WTC, the Pentagon and in that field in rural Pennsylvannia.

    I believe I saw the Phoenix…for a little while, anyway. I wanted to see it. I guess I “needed” to see it.

    Emotional salve for my emotional wounds.

    It should come as no surprise that the scar healed rough.

    I wrote about it in my blog , too.

    I’ll never forget the significance of September 11th.

    Then again, I can’t even see the date of November 22nd without thinking of a young president, his lovely First Lady, an easier, more innocent time and the cold, windy day in Dallas that seemed to stop time, progress and life as we knew it.


  2. Manymeez says:

    Thanks for the comment Laurie! I think a lot of America healed roughly, but we are healing, at least the ones who choose faith over fear. I think as a country we will be okay again, but awake.

    As far as the Kennedy assasination, I wasn’t born then, so all I know is from what I’ve read…which is never the same as experience.

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your comment!

  3. lawcrow says:

    MM ~ I think what you wrote was so full of compassion! This should be a day of unity, and solidarity by all around the world that can settle differences through peaceful means rather than WAR. Regardless of the side.

    Peace to you!

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