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I am watching CNN, and they are talking about immigrant labor, and are we muscling out “real Americans”?  The secretary of commerce is saying that 30 or 40 years ago people worked these low skill jobs, raised their families, put their kids through college and retired.  People today have higher ambitions, and want more out of life, and don’t want to do these jobs. The illegal immigrants are doing jobs Americans don’t want to do.  I’m watching this, and thinking this is complete B.S.   Yes, people today have higher ambitions, but people today would be more than willing to do these low paying jobs if those jobs could pay the bills today that they payed 30 or 40 years ago.    The pay for these jobs have only gone up 5 or 6 times, but the bills  have gone up 10 to 20 times.  30 or 40 years ago, your car payment cost more than a house payment.  The same house that cost 25 to 40 thousand dollars then, cost well over 200 thousand now.  One could actually support a family on minimum wage.  Today, anyone making minimum wage is in poverty.  That’s why American’s don’t want to do these jobs.  It has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to do, it has to do with affording to do.

I know plenty of carpenter’s who were/are more than willing to do the work, but their bosses are not hiring Americans because the illegal immigrants will work for less money.  You and I both know that the housing market has sky rocketed.  The people who own these construction companies could thrive with American employees,  but they want more money in their pockets, so they choose to  hire people who will work for less money.

This controversy is nothing more than a political move, and it is B.S.  Americans are more than willing to work hard, but we are not more than willing to work hard, and then be shunned for being on welfare because we can’t support our families on minimum wage.

(for those who know me, I found a voice….yeah!!!)