are Americans just lazy?

Posted: October 2, 2007 in All, Blogroll, Controversy, Life, politics, rants, Thoughts
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I am watching CNN, and they are talking about immigrant labor, and are we muscling out “real Americans”?  The secretary of commerce is saying that 30 or 40 years ago people worked these low skill jobs, raised their families, put their kids through college and retired.  People today have higher ambitions, and want more out of life, and don’t want to do these jobs. The illegal immigrants are doing jobs Americans don’t want to do.  I’m watching this, and thinking this is complete B.S.   Yes, people today have higher ambitions, but people today would be more than willing to do these low paying jobs if those jobs could pay the bills today that they payed 30 or 40 years ago.    The pay for these jobs have only gone up 5 or 6 times, but the bills  have gone up 10 to 20 times.  30 or 40 years ago, your car payment cost more than a house payment.  The same house that cost 25 to 40 thousand dollars then, cost well over 200 thousand now.  One could actually support a family on minimum wage.  Today, anyone making minimum wage is in poverty.  That’s why American’s don’t want to do these jobs.  It has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to do, it has to do with affording to do.

I know plenty of carpenter’s who were/are more than willing to do the work, but their bosses are not hiring Americans because the illegal immigrants will work for less money.  You and I both know that the housing market has sky rocketed.  The people who own these construction companies could thrive with American employees,  but they want more money in their pockets, so they choose to  hire people who will work for less money.

This controversy is nothing more than a political move, and it is B.S.  Americans are more than willing to work hard, but we are not more than willing to work hard, and then be shunned for being on welfare because we can’t support our families on minimum wage.

(for those who know me, I found a voice….yeah!!!)

  1. Odale says:

    I just posted a copy of an e-mail I received that touches on a few of these topics. At the bottom of the post are links to some good articles about illegal immigration. The more I research, the more I realize it’s much worse than I ever thought our government would allow! Who’s minding the store? I don’t mean their private store, I mean our “store” politicians were hired to protect! It’s like they’ve painted us into a corner on many issues!! Good to see someone else concerned…

  2. tandula says:

    I’ve written about this in the past week too.
    I got so upset with some whining Americans, that I just had to.

    Outside the borders of this country people see Americans as lazy and bored, and then from too much of both, boring.

    Although that does create a climate of super opportunity for immigrants who come from real poverty, who appreciate having a job and food and a roof – even if shared.

  3. Odale says:

    Appreciation is the key, as we should all be thankful. But when our flag is burned and demands are made to allow laws to be ignored, it sets a precedence for much more. I am not against anyone having a better life but if one hates Americans and does not want to co-exist, then I have issues. The articles I posted links to go into La Raza and how they are propagandizing (?) that they have a right to certain land (i.e., states) as their heritage. As always, we have to hunt for answers! 🙂

  4. Palestar says:

    Whoo hoo you are here, too. Ya Ya!

    I really believe that some Americans do not realise their own personal power and what they themselves can do.

    Since the media seems to have sold out as it were – we are bombarded with daily BS – designed to keep us terrified – and misinformed it certainly gets confusing. My mother who past away over 30 years ago – used to tell me believe none of what you read and none of what you see hear and only half of what you see. That is apparently true today.

    Many tears ago back on the east coast – TV ran a PSA regarding prejudice’s here in America – It opened with a man cleaning out his cellar – upon finding what looked like a genie’s lamp – he rubbed it and shouted out – “I wish all the foreigners would go back where they came from…” Than a whoosh and next you see him in downtown Bagdad. D’uh!

    How do you think that would go if it really worked today – the lamp that is… ?

  5. tandula says:

    Technically, as far as I understand US history … California and a few other places used to be Mexico until it was taken by devious means ?

    Anyway, I’m not a litina, and I’m in no way fighting for Latino rights, I’m just as on edge as you by the injustice this country shows to law abiding immigrants, when granting all kinds of privileges to fence jumping illegals.

    How many law-abiding, tax paying immigrants here get treated like cr*p by people around them, and even by supposed law enforcement agents because they have a beard and turban. Rediculous.

    Here’s a real kicker. I’m a blond blue eyed woman, my fiancee Indian. How many times were our bags searched at airports when he checked in while I was off shopping, only to have the search promptly ended when I show up and ask about it. Super super pathetic.

    naaha, i should stop this thought immediatly, it is only making my blood boil

  6. lawcrow says:

    American’s are not lazy; I believe our culture of working to achieve something through experience and saving money is out the window. I also agree with the viewpoint that anyone receiving public assistance is shunned in our society.

    In an age of credit/debit and easy to get loans. Many American’s choose the easy option to achieve personal financial goals. In the end, they find they are worse off than before. I think anyone in our country is willing to work one or many jobs to live comfortably. Yes, there are a few that rather not work “minimum wage” jobs because it seems like hard work for nothing! You have to start somewhere though……..

    As for the viewpoint on public assistance; I think the whole system needs to be overhauled, and the departments both at the state and federal levels should look closely at who is collecting and the reasons why.

    Believe it or not; I arrested one individual that was collecting public assistance because she was suffering from asthma and a bad back. Now, I am not discrediting any medical issue. However, I cannot believe that someone could not find a job to assist or supplement their income.

    I truly believe that there are A LOT of people collecting public assistance; that really should not be. It is this obvious viewpoint that stereotypes develop and one person can be grouped with the many bad. If that makes sense.

    I think our culture in the U.S. is in for a huge shock in the coming years. The fast and easy way to the top is usually not the best place to be in; nor is the path of collecting assistance where none is needed.

    I think I just spit out nonsense…LOL

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