I try

Posted: May 24, 2008 in All

Love surrounds me
I still feel….

Not knowing
how to hold it,
I try
but I’m lost.

Love, when I was young
was uncertain
Making love a stranger
to my soul.

I try
but it won’t let me go.
an old and loyal friend.

  1. neicey says:

    lovey….sometimes it’s such a lonely journey, but a journey nonetheless.
    You summed it up beautifully..’old and loyal friend’
    My sincere HOPE for you..is for you to break free of old and insincere friends..take that risk.
    You my friend deserve life’s golden Light…I could see your beautiful innocence radiating from your eyes…trust that voice still so quiet…she’ll never let you down..You can absolutely count on her.
    Much love and respect to you dear heart!

  2. PattyWatty says:

    You are a gifted writer……….truly gifted!

  3. everythingsjustjake says:

    please, god, more.
    your prose is delicious. it is so natural. it is so something that needs to be published.
    i LOVE reading your work.
    i think we need a proper symposium someday-

  4. amanda says:


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