A dream from last night

Posted: June 7, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Life, Love, MY POEMS, women

She told me she liked the little oranges
the ones with the seeds.
She likes them better than
the ones I bought.

Sally is just that way
sharing everything
holding nothing back.

She knows me.
My buttons,
When to leave me
the hell alone.
When I’m taking myself
oh too seriously
She makes me laugh.

A friend

Last Tuesday,
I was being a pain
in the ass.
Little ol’ me…
It was a
you need to chill

From her lips, fell
the most peculiar thing.

What do you think about
the supermodel with the large cat?

The places a mind can go.
But she knew
the right thing to do,
at that moment.

A friend of mine

From my lips fell,
the only thing
I could say.

I hear it has been known to purr
loudly, late at night.

I had to borrow
a pair of her undies…

Don’t get me wrong,
Sally’s not perfect.
I don’t mind.

A friend of mine, if only

She’s starting to
take up a lot of bad habits.
The latest one,
when she’s nervous.
Rickie, the hot
makes her really nervous.
You know
where that leads!

Being with Sally
is better than
the smell of
Grandma’s leftovers
from Thanksgiving.

Sally and me
will always be
like a child
with wings
when we’re together.

A friend of mine, if only in my dreams.


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