The Mirror

Posted: June 10, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Life, Thoughts, women

Have you ever starred at yourself in the mirror so long, that everything becomes blurry? Your nose is on your forehead, an eye is where your mouth should be, your hair is on your chin. Then you try to reason with it, and ask ridiculous questions like, “Where in the hell is my mouth anyway?”

That’s how my insides feel right now. I’ve looked at myself for so long trying to figure out who I am, that nothing makes sense anymore. I can’t figure out why I say and do the things, well….that I say and do. I don’t know what direction I’m going, or if I’m even going in any direction at all.

One thing I know to be true though, I’m at a crossroads. Just standing here, looking at the million different directions and feeling scared shitless! I also think that it’s time to break the fucking mirror!

  1. Donna P says:

    Been there myself and it can become a vicious cycle, this introspection stuff. It’s journey once started that can’t be abandoned. But it’s the kind of journey where you have to remember to love and take care of yourself. That means that sometimes you simply have to give yourself a break from staring at your belly button. Get outside yourself for awhile. Do something fun, go play. Or treat yourself to a long bubble bath with a nice glass of wine and some soft music. Refresh yourself. Schedule the breaks if you need to. Then return to the journey where more forward steps can be taken, as your unconscious mind will have fermented new thoughts while you were on a break. Checking in on you daily and sending you thoughts of courage. I know you will succeed!

  2. ladylennon says:

    Sometimes you just need to shut your eyes twirl in a circle point then go that way or you’ll never do it.

  3. PattyWatty says:

    Perfectly said Donna!

  4. everythingsjustjake says:

    again, i say: Wow!
    MM- be all of those meez. you can. i think it’s possible.
    and i see your mouth. it’s gorgeous. and great things come from it-

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