At the beach

Posted: June 16, 2008 in All

Hey everyone!!!!  I’m at the beach.  I do have internet service, but it’s kinda sketchy!  I haven’t written anything in 3 days, it’s starting to hurt!!!!  going to try and write something today at the beach,  but  we’ll see what happens!!!!   Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!


later y’all!!!!!

  1. ladylennon says:

    have fun!!!!!!!

  2. sparroweye says:

    I saw your beach photo. Are you at Myrtle or
    or Wrightsville or Kitty Hawk? I miss the beaches in North and South Carolina. I think I told you before our daughter Kimberly was born in High Point?
    I am envious. Sand dollars are great there.

  3. tammy says:

    hope you are having a great time, enjoy the beach!!!

  4. Kim says:

    ENJOY your time away!

  5. Donna P1914 says:

    Hope you’re finding what you need at the beach, and are having some fun along the way!

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