beach thoughts

Posted: June 19, 2008 in All

not poetry, just things that have crossed my mind.

Anger wells
once you drop in
there’s no escaping
but to reach
is all that will
save you.

Life rolling in
and back out again
in a rhythm
out of any
capturing it
in a tight grasp
takes away the unexpected joy.

Watching them play
in the untamed
my heart flutters
with horrifying excitement.

the heart of the world
will gather at the breath
of a whisper.

if you want the world to hear…
you must first hear your own heart.

Tomorrow is better than today,
because I can see you there.



  1. ladylennon says:


  2. jill says:

    “my heart flutters with horrifying excitement”..

    i FEEL that statement gia.
    you have such a way with words.

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