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the chill rode the currents
to a distant land
leaving the jacket
for a brief innocence
cast and hung.
lying in the furrows
the passing moments of warmth,
but for what it’s worth
I fell.
upon waking on
a bed of chagrin
the jacket, now draped
head to toe
colored with suffocating
buttons lay waste
replaced with glue and staples.
the craving hurled
to a dying dream.


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when the darkness swallows
the sunny memories
of day, hope unswathes
to her nakedness,
hiding within the
abandoned whisper
of a recent light
she glides in the shadows,
leaving no trace
she ever was.


Maya Angelou always makes me smile, always brings tears to my eyes. Maya Angelou understands, and so do I!


for my angel

Posted: July 15, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Love, MY POEMS

8 days or nights
or both, more
than 16 moments
to rest in your
The clock ticked
I didn’t notice
the tock
leaving time,
breathing in
your divine sensualness,
my soul
resting in your hands,
the awakening of you,
me, us…
the taste of you
playfully dancing,
beyond 8 days or nights
or both, more than
16 moments,
I hope



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Ready for combat
Slingin’ your words
For me to swallow
Like slick pie.
Sorry, but
I ain’t your fall guy,
Don’t bring it to me
Cause you see
The point of a spat
Is not to skew
Me to you
But allow me to be
Despite the blat!



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just because I think I am, doesn’t make it true…