Posted: July 4, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Love, MY POEMS

the star
it ignites
radiating comfort
to those that are
lighting the way
to places
I never knew
within my own

  1. ladylennon says:

    I had tolook that word up!! LOVE this gia!

  2. bobbycrow says:

    Some may see the star, while others follow blindly down a path of fire. I have found my comforting star; no treausre of mine will be stolen!

    Loving your thoughts, words, and heart…

  3. everythingsjustjake says:

    i WISH i could write prose like this.
    it’s like melty chocolate in my mouth.

    i LOVE this.

  4. liz says:

    wow… just wow!

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