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Being stuck in a pit is not an excuse to ignore the rope…


Barack Obama picks Joe Biden and John McCain picks Sarah Palin. Two history making events. I’m feeling pretty fortunate to be alive right now!

I’ve been watching all of the news channel’s and am really tired of hearing television news journalist opinions. On the record, off the record….same ol’ crap really!!!!

Most people will end up here looking for information without the intent of commenting….but if you could be a part of helping others find the information they’re looking for, including me….that would be wonderful!

I want to hear the opinions of average people. Are you an Independent, Libertarian, Democrat or Republican? What do you think about these candidates? Who are you planning on voting for? Why are you choosing the candidate you’re choosing? Are you a one issue voter? Do you vote just along party lines? Or, do you not care what party a candidate belongs to, you weigh all the pros and cons about each candidate and pick the one you think will be best for the job? And for any of those that are planning on voting for McCain, I’d love to hear what you think the differences are between him and George W. Bush.

If you’re undecided or even if you want more information, on the issues is a good place find the information you might be looking for!

Come on people! speak up! Whatcha thinkin’?


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Just when I think I’ve had enough, the world has a way of saying “Fuck you!” you haven’t seen nothing yet….

when do I get my Fuck you moment?

orderly chaos

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secluded, in the
thick of the pasture
the blanket
fixed beneath me
the puff of a
storm, draws the
chill closer
thrusting its’ wrath
deeply inside,
exposed in the blanket
covering what’s
left of me
the storm hits,


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the thought of
doesn’t bother
me none
as long as
it’s fast
as a shiny
red Ferrari

The Olympics are on in the background.  I’ve been half watching off and on.  I really enjoy watching sports and the Olympics are no exception.  I’ve mostly been enjoying  volleyball, badminton,  I guess all the sports that are played in the backyard bar-b-que, and of course Micheal Phelps.  I swear, I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard the announcer say, “And for the next event, potato sack racing!”   I would have to tune into that one, and would love to have the brady bunch theme in the background!

 Right now, sitting at the computer I can hear the floor acrobatic, jumping, flipping, twisting thingy.  I hate gymnastics, so I have no idea what that’s called.  I can’t see the television from here, so I can only listen.  Which is fine most of the time, because tv has been so boring to me lately.  Anyway, back to the floor flipping gymnastic thingy.  When you see that’s on, turn it up kind of loud and sit where you can’t see the screen and just listen.  THAT SOUND!  OMG!!!  It sounds like that monster I swore was coming to get me when I was a kid.  The one that was stomping toward my room, ready to crash through the door, shake my bed and then drag me out of it.  I don’t know why in my thoughts it would always shake my bed first. I guess it was a fair monster and wanted to give me a fighting chance by waking me up before grabbing and running away with me.  I was so sure the monster was coming, so I had to lay on my back all night long so I could see it coming…and maybe do something to get away. 

I hate that sound!  

I wonder what’s on nick at night?

I’ve just recently met an amazingly, talented writer.  She has lived a remarkable life that has given her so much insight into the human heart!  Her name is Jane and well, I consider her a new friend. 

Her most recent inspirational writing series has been about passionate women.  She has chosen 6 perfectly, passionate women who are all amazing in their own right.  From doctors to artists, they are women who had a vision for their own life and achieved it despite any obstacles that confronted them. I’ve read each one at least twice, and walk away feeling like there’s nothing I can’t do!!!  Thank you Jane!!!

If you haven’t heard of Jane Devin, you have to check out her blog!  To read  the captivating piece Jane wrote about passionate women, I recommend you start at the beginning.  When you finish the series, I know you will find that passionate woman within yourself and feel an explosive desire to take whatever steps are necessary to begin living your dream(s)!   Poke around her blog a bit and be prepared to think about things you never thought of before!