what a monster sounds like

Posted: August 17, 2008 in All, Blogroll, children, Life, olympics, Thoughts

The Olympics are on in the background.  I’ve been half watching off and on.  I really enjoy watching sports and the Olympics are no exception.  I’ve mostly been enjoying  volleyball, badminton,  I guess all the sports that are played in the backyard bar-b-que, and of course Micheal Phelps.  I swear, I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard the announcer say, “And for the next event, potato sack racing!”   I would have to tune into that one, and would love to have the brady bunch theme in the background!

 Right now, sitting at the computer I can hear the floor acrobatic, jumping, flipping, twisting thingy.  I hate gymnastics, so I have no idea what that’s called.  I can’t see the television from here, so I can only listen.  Which is fine most of the time, because tv has been so boring to me lately.  Anyway, back to the floor flipping gymnastic thingy.  When you see that’s on, turn it up kind of loud and sit where you can’t see the screen and just listen.  THAT SOUND!  OMG!!!  It sounds like that monster I swore was coming to get me when I was a kid.  The one that was stomping toward my room, ready to crash through the door, shake my bed and then drag me out of it.  I don’t know why in my thoughts it would always shake my bed first. I guess it was a fair monster and wanted to give me a fighting chance by waking me up before grabbing and running away with me.  I was so sure the monster was coming, so I had to lay on my back all night long so I could see it coming…and maybe do something to get away. 

I hate that sound!  

I wonder what’s on nick at night?

  1. jyldcamhi says:

    i hope i see the floor exercise tonight and can see if that’s what you mean?? i love gymnastics – and when i hear that sound (i think that’s the sound you mean) it sounds like strength and precision to me…. i dont think you talking about the vault….but you could be. hmmmm…..i’ll listen and see if i can hear what you hear. it’s all a matter of perspective i suppose. (btw – i did gymnastics when i was younger : )

  2. ladylennon says:

    Do you remember that movie from the eighties where the kid gets taken into the monster world by a friendly monster? I still have dreams about that!

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