Barack Obama picks Joe Biden and John McCain picks Sarah Palin. Two history making events. I’m feeling pretty fortunate to be alive right now!

I’ve been watching all of the news channel’s and am really tired of hearing television news journalist opinions. On the record, off the record….same ol’ crap really!!!!

Most people will end up here looking for information without the intent of commenting….but if you could be a part of helping others find the information they’re looking for, including me….that would be wonderful!

I want to hear the opinions of average people. Are you an Independent, Libertarian, Democrat or Republican? What do you think about these candidates? Who are you planning on voting for? Why are you choosing the candidate you’re choosing? Are you a one issue voter? Do you vote just along party lines? Or, do you not care what party a candidate belongs to, you weigh all the pros and cons about each candidate and pick the one you think will be best for the job? And for any of those that are planning on voting for McCain, I’d love to hear what you think the differences are between him and George W. Bush.

If you’re undecided or even if you want more information, on the issues is a good place find the information you might be looking for!

Come on people! speak up! Whatcha thinkin’?

  1. ladylennon says:

    I’m an extremely liberal democrat.

    I’m going to vote for Obama/Biden. Here’s the why, I’m tired of everything being so unequal. I’m tired of our polotician’s only having passion for what they line their pockets with. I need to believe that we can vote to have gay marriage legalized everywhere. I need to believe that when the President says he wants to look into oil alternatives he really will. I need to know that we won’t get involved in more illegal wars.
    I think it is HIGHLY important for the rest of the world to agree with our choice of president. They are our allies and without them we have nothing.
    I need to believe we can get past all prejudice and vote for the better man.

    Also McCain’s choice for VP is extremely conservative andI feel not only will gay/lesiban/transgender people be effected by her in office but that the country will go backwards in any progress we had previously made.

    I think our country needs someone who is willing to make big changes to move into the future. Our economy is in shambles we have millions of people without health coverage and even the nations foodbanks are feeling the strain of poverty.
    College needs to be more affordable. Everyone should be able to go and as a mother of three I know how expensive going to college can be when you are trying to rais children and how very long it can take!

    I have faith in Obama.

  2. liz says:

    i’m voting for obama/biden… for sure! i would never in a million years vote for a republican and i would never vote for anyone who didn’t support a woman’s RIGHT to chose.

  3. Diana says:

    I havent decided who I’m voting 4,but I believe this will be the most important vote I will ever have 2 make! I watch the fair and balanced station and free speech tv tring 2 get as much info as I can.There is alot of spin in lots of differant directions. I’m from the heartland or bible belt which ever u choose.there r alot of people who still think that the color of ur skin and a persons sexuality defines a persons worth.I grew up being taught this way and I Will Not Raise My Children the same way I was raised.I can’t wait 4 the day that we break even more glass ceiling and rid ourselfs of more sterotypes.

  4. MamaD says:

    I’ve always been a Democrat, but would cross party lines if ever there was a candidate I felt best represented my interests, but that has never happened. We NEED Obama to win, McCain is not a good option at all. Even if he can’t accomplish everything he wants to, he will turn our country back in the right direction….

  5. Andrea_44 says:

    I’m not an American, I live in Canada, but I was born and raised in England. I’ve voted in both countries and only ONCE did I vote for a party that I normally would not support! The reason I voted that way is because I had confidence in the local candidate we would be sending to represent us in Parliament even though he was a member of a party I would not usually vote for! As it turned out, that party did come into power and at first seemed to do a good job….fulfilling every promise they had made in the election! However some of those promises I had not agreed with, and as it happened, most people really didn’t expect the leader to keep all those promises!!! Things went too far and many people suffered as a result…..and when the time came for the people to vote again…..the opposite party (my first party of choice) had a landslide victory!
    I guess my point is this, if I was an American I would vote for Obama….but I know it’s impossible for him or any President to keep all his promises, but I believe he will turn America back into the country that can be respected again by people around the World! Right now…Bush has lost the respect of the International community. I personally don’t know anyone in Canada who likes him or what he stands for, and we see McCain as just more of the same but maybe with a more friendly face and a little softer approach…..but we aren’t fooled!

  6. everythingsjustjake says:

    If I were eligible to vote in the US:
    I would vote for Obama- but by default. While I agree that he has an IDEAL of bringing the country and international relations back together, it is not he that will single handedly attain it. Not in four years. But he is the beginning of a New World Existence that can still have people and nations remain autonomous.
    While I think McCain is mostly a fiscal conservative, his views on sexuality (i.e. one woman/ one man) would not give him my support. Just based on that. As it affects me directly. Running mate Sarah Palin is, in my opinion, one of “the good ol’ boys” that she says she will be the webo girl for. Nuh-uh. Not buying it.
    If I had my druthers, there would be a Libertarian candidate and a Green candidate to choose from too. [As there- ostensibly- is here in Canada. Mind you, the Green party in Canada has only one seat in congress. It’s a start.] It is nice to know that, no matter how small a party, that party can still run to become the leader of our Nation. There are five parties, in fact.
    I think both parties need to get back, back, back to the roots of the beginnings of the country; really investigate and study the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and really understand what is the Democratic Republic. From there, advance from it and apply it to how we live hundreds of years later. And not just create bullshit acts like the Patriot Act. That is not progress. But, unfortunately, where the WORLD seems to be going.
    I am not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination- but I believe that all of the signs are there that obtaining a New World Order is the goal from most right-leaning parties and individuals. It is what it is.
    So- long story longer- Obama would be my choice by default.

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