Posted: September 25, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Life, opinions, philosophy, rants, Thoughts

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately watching people, and watching how they/we interact. It’s amazing how quickly people slap labels on everything, and make decisions about people based on very little information. I admit, I’ve been guilty of doing it too, and I know that labels have been put upon me, deservedly so or not.

Things are never as they appear. We perceive different bits and pieces of information based on our own life experiences. You and I could spend an entire day together, but our account of the day, though similar, would be different. We think we may know those who are closest to us, but we all put up walls to varying degrees. Do you think it’s safe to say that our lovers and our friends really know us inside and out? I don’t think so. Plus, we pile all of our shit from the past into relationships of the present and future. At times, it’s hard to know if what we’re feeling about someone else is really them or are we transferring? It just doesn’t make sense to put labels on others, period.

I’ve had every label imaginable put on me. Some quickly call me a dyke, while many guys have flirted relentlessly, feeling confused why I don’t bite or even nibble. Of course, some of that could be attributed to the fact, I wouldn’t know if someone is flirting with me unless they smacked on the side of the head. Some people say I’m fucked up, while others see me as having my shit together based on what I’ve survived. Some find me vulnerable, while others see me as strong. Some even find me sexy, while others want to run the hell out of dodge. Some people say that I’m stuck, and just resigned to being miserable because I’m not “getting over it.” Someone who has had a life similar to mine would understand what I’m feeling, but someone who hasn’t…well, honestly, they don’t have a fucking clue. Good for them, but don’t mold my life to fit your experiences. But the truth of it is, I’m a little bit of all of those things and more, whether you are capable of seeing it or not. That holds true for all of us. You know the familiar story of the 3 blind men, one in the front of an elephant, one at the middle, and one at the rear. Each are describing a part of the elephant based on their own experiences. What each person sees and feels is unique.

Based on the information you would have had in the 1980’s, if you saw a man walking down the street talking to himself, you would have quickly dismissed him as being crazy. Based on the information you have today, you might think he’s crazy, but you also might think he’s wearing a bluetooth, and having an actual conversation.

Never assume you know anyone, because no matter how much you think you know, you don’t know enough until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. The best place to stick a label, is inside your clothing. Otherwise, I want no part of it!

  1. ladylennon says:

    I agree.

  2. Katherine says:

    So true. And another thing to remember about ourselves is that we often ARE walking contradictions. In some cases/situations, we ARE vulnerable. In others, we are strong. In some areas we are intelligent, in others we are ignorant.

    We are never just one thing, without any sort opposing thought.

  3. Andrea_44 says:

    Completely agree with all of this Gia! How boring the world would be if we were all just one dimensional and exactly as we presented ourselves to the viewing world!

  4. jill1119 says:

    i agree gia.. and with what kat said too.

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