Part 1

part 2

Bill Maher on The View September 30, 2008 talking religion and his new movie Religulous,  talking politics and Sarah Palin in part 1.  I love this!!!  Stay tuned on part 2 past the 5 minute mark to see Bill Maher talk about the story of Jesus.

  1. KellyW. says:

    Ooooh I loved this! I actually watched that day. Thanks for posting this again!

  2. Michele says:

    thanks for posting this, I missed it the other day. I love him, he is so funny!!

  3. Andrea_44 says:

    Thanks for posting this! I watched it that day, and I thought he was so funny.

  4. everythingsjustjake says:

    thanks for this post! i didn’t get to see it. very very very heated. i can’t wait to see this doc.

  5. yeah, he is a must see. but I must say, he can be very condescending to women in general, and that turns me off (stewardess rather than flight attendant). but on this, I think he is hilarious!

  6. kari says:

    ty gia i’m a huge bm fan and a huge doubter! so what wall do you think they actually hit the one that sherri built? i’ve completely given up on the view and after viewing these now i know why i just stay away!

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