the blue starred journal

Posted: December 8, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Life, Love, MY POEMS, personal, prose, Thoughts
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Carly’s song plays
in my head
I pick up a pen
and begin to write.
My words
cause even though
it is written for me
you will think it’s not.
It really doesn’t matter
what you think,
cause only I
know my own code!
The blue journal
with a star
that was sent from afar,
knows all there is to know.
It doesn’t have an opinion
one way or the other
whether what I wrote
should have been
or not.

thanks for the journal!!! I still love it just as much!!! And the pen never leaves me!!!

  1. liz says:

    that song is a fucking classic!

    enjoy your new journal!

  2. c james. says:

    What a great song, and apropos for John Thain at the moment. He’s so vain wanting $10 million in bonus money, after giving the ax to 30,000 workers.

    “Poor people gonna rise up and get their share”

    Read more on my rant at:

  3. ladylennon says:

    glad to see you post again!!

  4. shortmama910 says:

    so happy that you are writing again. 🙂

  5. KellyW. says:

    Everyone is journal writing these days! Just don’t forget to blog, its how we keep in touch, ya know?

  6. Katherine says:

    Is that yours? Love it!

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