Why is it that each new teenage generation thinks they invented all the cool phrases and words or that only they are entitled to use them?

The other day, one of the teenagers in my life was telling me something great about their day.
To show great, short winded, enthusiastic support, I snapped “Awesome!”

What I heard back was, “Oh no, you did NOT just use that word!”
“What word?”
“Awesome! You’re too old to use that word.”

Listen for sounds of me laughing, HYSTERICALLY!!!

“Oh, right…. okey dokey, GOLLY GEE THAT SURE SOUNDS NEATO!”
“Well now you’re just be sarcastic”, comes the reply.


I think if anything, the older we get the more entitled we are to use the shorter, cooler phrases. As time goes by we’re burning our candles at both ends. When we’re trying to express ourselves we need to say what’s on our minds as quickly as possible before we forget what it is that’s on our minds!

And speaking of bull shit…… I wonder if out in a bull field somewhere there are 2 bulls talking to eachother saying, “Man, that bill the bull sure is a bully! he’s full of human shit!”

  1. ladylennon says:


    That’s awesome!

  2. KellyW. says:

    My 9 yo argues with me about everything. If I give him any opinion on anything he debates it and looks at me like I don’t know anything. “Um, I’m a LOT older than you kid” but kids always think grownups know nothing. This mystery goes along with your statement about awesome I think.

  3. Bobby says:

    Great topic!

    Kids forget when they were younger; how much they wanted to be in “adult onversations” at particular times. In the teen years they are mortified by any adult speaking, acting, or taking any interest in something they enjoy. Yet, they yearn so much to be treated as adults.

    I think you should try using the phrase ” What up yo?” or my newest and favorite term “FAM” in which you are referring to the word family, or relative. See what reaction you get from that!


  4. Andrea_44 says:

    Thanks for the laugh! This was so funny, but I can relate even though I don’t have teenagers around. My six year old nephew is already giving me the rolling eyes and big sigh if I say something that to his ears adults are too old to say! lol

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