I need to talk about something…

Posted: April 8, 2009 in All, Blogroll, humor, Life, opinions, personal, rants, Thoughts
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Sitting outside on a brisk early spring day, every inch of my skin is covered like a face wearing a made for zits mask.  The winds are blowing too, which makes it more uncomfortable than a hoover in a walk in freezer. 

Any hoo, I notice the dog  slouching against the deck railing, sniffing every scent that blows by and intently listening to the calls of the blue jay in that pine tree over there.   Suddenly it hit me, I wonder why I can’t be more like a dog?  I know it’s weird to say that outloud, but it’s really freeing.  You outta try it.  Go back up there to that sentence and actually say outloud, and not just moving your lips, “I wonder why I can’t be more like a dog?”  Okay, maybe it’s not that freeing….

But I really didn’t  come here to talk about that anyway.

Have you ever noticed that the most annoying people are always pointing out how annoying everyone and everything else is?  I say this because last week I found myself, …., I caught myself, …., No…. neither of those…. I NOTICED that I thought to myself twice and actually said outloud to someone else once that I thought 3 separate people were so annoying.  I guess we keep ourselves busy noticing the annoying stuff around us so we can actually tolerate ourselves for more than an hour. hmmm

But I really didn’t want to talk about that either.  GAWD, this is so annoying!!  In fact, I’ve annoyed myself to the point that I can’t tell you what it is I came here to tell you.

So please, if you would do me a great favor and tell me how annoying everyone and everything is so I can tolerate myself enough to come back and talk about what it is I really need to talk about….  Thanks!

Did you notice how many times I used the word outloud?  That could be one of your annoying things. But at the very least I hope I’ve helped you to tolerate yourself for a bit longer….

Damn it…. now I’m late for work!!!

  1. MamaD says:

    I SO get what you’re saying Gia!

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