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My writing blog?  I haven’t been posting a lot here because I’ve been posting there. Come on over and take a look!!!


Carly’s song plays
in my head
I pick up a pen
and begin to write.
My words
cause even though
it is written for me
you will think it’s not.
It really doesn’t matter
what you think,
cause only I
know my own code!
The blue journal
with a star
that was sent from afar,
knows all there is to know.
It doesn’t have an opinion
one way or the other
whether what I wrote
should have been
or not.

thanks for the journal!!! I still love it just as much!!! And the pen never leaves me!!!

because I’m here
in disguise
her whole life
is nuts.
she can’t quite grasp
how I take over
when you come near,
just like any other.
I’ve spent a lifetime
convincing her I’m real,
now she knows
and so do those
who let me in.

The Stranger

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She gives and takes away
the same gift
in one quick gesture
without knowing
she did either one,
by saying hello.


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Everytime she walks through the door
she leaves
with weak knees,
knowing she’ll come once more

fall’s fall

Posted: September 30, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Life, MY POEMS, Thoughts

Fightin’ my second cold
in nearly two weeks.
I gotta say, it’s gettin’ kinda old.
Things have been lookin’ bleak,
feelin’ numb up and down
my spine.
Feeling rather inclined
to leave it all behind.
Trying to find a way,
to stay
when all I wanna do
is get the hell away, from you.

Jane, this is what happens when I write without my books. Although, if you read it with a beat, it kind of sounds a little hip hopish….


Posted: September 28, 2008 in All, Blogroll, Life, Love, MY POEMS, prose, Thoughts

The cat has been crying
under the window pane
for five nights in a row.
A couple of times
she left a plate of milk,
giving a pat or two
on top of its’ head,
in hopes, it would feel
enough love to move along.
But to let it in
is more than she can bare.
The cat has too many issues,
missing a few teeth
and in a few spots,
scars lay where the fur had once been.
She puts up a wall,
feeling only relief
when the crying stops.

I don’t know why I feel the need to say this because I’ve never explained my written word before. But just so everyone knows and we’re all clear….this is not about anybody I’ve met online. Just a random observation about life. Like I’ve said before….it comes to me, I write it down.