Why is it that each new teenage generation thinks they invented all the cool phrases and words or that only they are entitled to use them?

The other day, one of the teenagers in my life was telling me something great about their day.
To show great, short winded, enthusiastic support, I snapped “Awesome!”

What I heard back was, “Oh no, you did NOT just use that word!”
“What word?”
“Awesome! You’re too old to use that word.”

Listen for sounds of me laughing, HYSTERICALLY!!!

“Oh, right…. okey dokey, GOLLY GEE THAT SURE SOUNDS NEATO!”
“Well now you’re just be sarcastic”, comes the reply.


I think if anything, the older we get the more entitled we are to use the shorter, cooler phrases. As time goes by we’re burning our candles at both ends. When we’re trying to express ourselves we need to say what’s on our minds as quickly as possible before we forget what it is that’s on our minds!

And speaking of bull shit…… I wonder if out in a bull field somewhere there are 2 bulls talking to eachother saying, “Man, that bill the bull sure is a bully! he’s full of human shit!”


this is a continuation to a previous post, “have a crappy day”.    This came to my mind today while visiting my local Starbucks.  I receive gift cards there twice a year.  It would be 3 times a year, but since I’m a lucky bitch who has a birthday the day after Christmas, I get the gift cards twice a year.  Christmas/birthday and mothers day. 

So, I go in and always get the “how are you?” 
Every single time someone ask me that question, I wonder what would happen if I said something really off the fucking wall. 
Something like, “I was fine yesterday, but today I just want fucking coffee”  or  “I’m great now that I know Ann Coulter’s point of view is the same as a horse’s ass with eyes.”   Or some other crazy shit.
But instead, I always say “good” or “great.”  BLAH!  

Then, they always insist on knowing your FIRST name so they can call back to the barista, 
“so and so wants a……”   
Here again, I want to say something crazy because when I say “Gia” I know what will come. 
“Ah, that’s an unusual name” or “I loved that movie”  or “were you named after the model?” 
I guess I should see that as a compliment…. but

I get my grande starbucks cup with my name nicely placed above the special order section.  But I wonder….

What would the barista write on my cup if the polite, little college girl said, “non fat, triple, grande latte for fuck you!”

So, in light of my wonderful mood here’s a bit from George Carlin, Have a nice day!!!!

Happy New Year

Happy Easter

Happy Hanukkah

Merry Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Valentines Day

Are these holidays really happy or merry?  Does adding happy or merry to the holiday make you feel happy or merry?  Or do you just feel happy and merry because you enjoy the significance of the holiday?

I’m thinking of putting this theory to the test.   I’ve been feeling really crappy lately.  So, I’m wondering if I blurt out “HAPPY CRAPPY DAY”  if that will make me feel happy about feeling crappy?  Who knows, maybe I’ll start a National holiday where everyone gets to stay home and feel happy about feeling crappy!  Hell, if I could have a stay home feelin’ crappy day, WITH PAY….That would make me pretty damn happy about feeling crappy!

Bah humbug!  YES, I’m being a scrooge….. but no matter how many times people blurt out MERRY CHRISTMAS or HAPPY HOLIDAYS, it doesn’t make me feel anymore merry or happy! (sorry, but you’d have to know what’s going on or be in the same place in order to understand this sentiment)

On another note, I noticed the Christians are trying to take over the phrase, Happy Holidays.  They’re now saying, “Jesus being born is a happy holiday”.  Give me a freakin’ break.  Let people have their non committal, politically correct phrase that covers everything and makes everyone but a scrooge happy, Damn it!

a holiday everyday

While listening to the new song I just posted (look below for the Jack’s Mannequin song), I became motivated to post my first random. Not sure what will come out, so….buckle up and lets see where we end up!

I’m tired of being stuck in a world where adults still think like teenagers.

I really want to brush my teeth. I brush too much. It helps my stress.

When things get hard, I shut down.

My co-worker, a 60 something year old guy but acts much younger, whom I have nothing in common with just found out today he has cancer that was caused by second hand smoke. Makes you think….

I gave my life up to a mental disorder for many years. Still use it as a crutch on occasion, but have come out alive and well. BUT, it irritates me when people are unwilling to even fight against theirs.

Since I went to New York, I have not missed a day where I don’t have at least one alcoholic drink. Something about that city made me feel alive…and now…. I feel sad because I’m not there.

I rarely cry…but often feel like it.

I’m way too sensitive and feel things much deeper than I should.

I drink too much coffee….well, lattes.

I saw a preview for the new Jim Carey movie where he said: “Drive faster so if we crash I’ll at least die.” That has stuck in my brain and won’t let me go.

I wish I would stop being so tired.

Whining annoys me.

People I’m attracted to are go getter’s, strong, positive, inspirational, intelligent, kind, love life, innocent, and funny. (Most of which, I’m not)

I wish I could just sit for an hour and absorb the energy of Maya Angelou.

It bothers me when people care more about how they look than how they act.

I’m sad more than I’m happy.

When I write and it feels like it’s working, I get a high that feels like having 4 drinks.

I hate that being a socialist is considered a bad thing.

When people fight, feel bad, feel stressed and it doesn’t have anything to do with me….. I pick up on it, and feel really ill.

The only “blood” family I have is my son. The rest, they either died or I “divorced” them.

The reason I have survived what I have survived is because I focus on the positive. It really, really, really, really bothers me when people choose to focus on the negative, of people and life. I always try to find something, at least one thing I like about someone or something so I can deal with whatever they or it comes my way.

I wish I had more self confidence.

royal blue is my favorite color.

If I had the money, I would be like Jay Leno and have a zillion cars.

Sometimes, I just want to get into the car and drive away without telling anyone where I’m going and stay in a hotel for a few nights.

I’ve never had a dream about a president, but I’ve had 2 about Obama. So weird. I even dreamed that he smoked before I found out he smoked.

My biggest pet peeve? greediness.

I’m actually starting to believe that coffee really is better than sex…. why? click here

I hate that for the last few years, at the end of the year…. I always think to myself, “Wow, I’ve lived the anniversary of when I’m going to die.” I fucking hate that thought, but can’t seem to stop it from coming….

my phone keeps ringing and it’s taken way too long to do this, so I’m going to stop at this.


Posted: December 12, 2008 in All

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few;
and let those be well-tried before you give them your confidence.”

George Washington

(And today was a day just like any other)

I’m on the verge, I’m on the verge
Unraveling with every word
With every word you say, make me believe
That I won’t feel your tires on the street
As I’m finding the words… you’re getting away

I come undone, oh yes, I do
Just think of all the thoughts wasted on you
And every word you say, say something sweet
Cause all I taste is blood between my teeth
As I’m finding the words… you’re getting away

Well I’m ready, I’m ready to drop
Oh, I’m ready, I’m ready so don’t stop
I’m ready so don’t stop, Keep pushing
I’m ready to fall, oh, I’m ready
I’m ready so don’t call, I’m ready so don’t call

I am aware, I’ve been misled
I disconnect my heart, my head
Don’t wanna recognize when things go bad
The things that you’ll accept
Except that I am finding the words… to say

I’m ready, I’m ready to drop
Oh oh oh oh oh, I’m ready
I’m ready so don’t stop
I’m ready so don’t stop

(I wake up to find it’s another
Four aspirin morning, and I dive in
I put on the same clothes I wore yesterday.
When did society decide that we had to change
And wash a tee shirt after every individual use:
If it’s not dirty, I’m gonna wear it.
I take the stairs to the car
And there’s fog on the windows.
(And I’m Fighting the words…)
I need caffeine in my blood stream,
I take caffeine in the blood stream.
I grip the wheel and all at once I realize:
(And you’re getting away…)
My life has become a boring pop song
And everyone’s singing along.)

Well, I’m ready, to drop, well, I’m ready
I’m ready so don’t stop, oh
Well, keep pushing, I’m ready to fall
Well, I’m ready, I’m ready so don’t call
I’m ready so don’t call, oh… oh… oh…

Carly’s song plays
in my head
I pick up a pen
and begin to write.
My words
cause even though
it is written for me
you will think it’s not.
It really doesn’t matter
what you think,
cause only I
know my own code!
The blue journal
with a star
that was sent from afar,
knows all there is to know.
It doesn’t have an opinion
one way or the other
whether what I wrote
should have been
or not.

thanks for the journal!!! I still love it just as much!!! And the pen never leaves me!!!