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I’ve just recently met an amazingly, talented writer.  She has lived a remarkable life that has given her so much insight into the human heart!  Her name is Jane and well, I consider her a new friend. 

Her most recent inspirational writing series has been about passionate women.  She has chosen 6 perfectly, passionate women who are all amazing in their own right.  From doctors to artists, they are women who had a vision for their own life and achieved it despite any obstacles that confronted them. I’ve read each one at least twice, and walk away feeling like there’s nothing I can’t do!!!  Thank you Jane!!!

If you haven’t heard of Jane Devin, you have to check out her blog!  To read  the captivating piece Jane wrote about passionate women, I recommend you start at the beginning.  When you finish the series, I know you will find that passionate woman within yourself and feel an explosive desire to take whatever steps are necessary to begin living your dream(s)!   Poke around her blog a bit and be prepared to think about things you never thought of before!